Joel Pruitt Thompson is a local photographer whose work was displayed at Symposium Coffee in March. Here's a selection of his work and a statement from the artist.

"Fire at the Refuge" by Joel Pruitt Thompson.

"Hardy Falls" by Joel Pruitt Thompson.

'Fog at the Refuge' by Joel Pruitt Thompson.

"I am first and foremost a photographic enthusiast. I am never without a camera because I might see something that I want to capture, a moment that I want to preserve at any given time. I love to explore nature and record what I see and share it online or on a wall. It feels like you are sharing your adventure with a stranger that is unable to be there physically but with an image, you can give them a glimpse into that experience. That feels very powerful to me, plus it gives me a great excuse to get out and explore the wonderful, wild places of the Pacific Northwest.

"Beyond landscape photography, I also love capturing professional images of individuals and their loved ones. It seems like everyone is a photographer now; whether that is selfies, cat pictures or quick pics of their dinner plate … and I think that is amazing. That said, I feel like a professional photographer can capture the light, the moment, create a mood and produce enhanced images. I love to work with teens with their endless energy, encourage a preschooler to hold still for one second, and get couples to relax and capture their sincere love for one another. As an artist and photographer, I feel passionate that any student that is going to graduate from high school should have a professional senior protrait photo shoot to commemorate their hard work and dedication, regardless of their budget. Therefore, I will happily donate scholarships to families that otherwise wouldn't be able to provide this for their child."

My company, Dog Star Adventure Tours, provides lessons and tours for individuals that want to take better photos, learn how to maximize their success rate when taking photos, and want to explore beautiful areas and produce images that they can proudly hang on their walls. I can be found on social media on Facebook, Twitter, 500px, and Tumblr, and my websites are and

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