The council will vote on whether to withdraw its Letter of Interest to Metro on Monday evening.

The Sherwood City Council will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, April 9. The council will consider one resolution, which if passed would result in Sherwood withdrawing its Letter of Interest to Metro to expand the city's Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).

The meeting was scheduled after a Wednesday evening Sherwood School District Board meeting, when the board passed a resolution urging the Council to withdraw the Letter of Interest.

"If additional land for housing is added to the Urban Growth Boundary… the result would be growth beyond the capacity of Sherwood schools post capital bond completion," read School Board meeting materials.

Sherwood sent the Letter of Interest to Metro late last year, expressing its intent to expand the city's UGB by up to 626 acres. At a meeting late last month, the Council decided to move ahead with a smaller UGB growth plan, and to communicate with the School District about which decision would be best for the city.

"I have had conversations with School Board members, and they have concerns about the number of students that it would add," Councilor Kim Young said at the March meeting.

The special meeting also comes after Mayor Keith Mays was sworn in on Tuesday evening. Mays was openly against expanding Sherwood's UGB in 2018 during the mayoral campaign.

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