We may have never met, but chances are if you called Sherwood City Hall in the last 12 years it presented a chance for me to serve you.

I started working for the city in the fall of 1999 and for the past 12 years it has been my honor to serve as the city receptionist, fielding calls ranging from traffic tickets to water quality to 'who is in charge?' At the end of November I hung up my headset as retirement was now calling me.

During my time at the front desk, I was able to work alongside a talented and experienced team of professionals who helped to make Sherwood; Money Magazine Top 20 'Best places to Live', Family Circle 'Best Town for Families', and in 2006 ' All American City' finalist. At one time Sherwood had the distinction of the fastest growing city in Oregon. Mayors Mark Cottle and Keith Mays provided the vision that would lead the City from a quiet little town of 3,500 to one that is moving on now to twenty thousand. Working alongside them, city managers Ross Schultz and Jim Patterson made their vision into the reality that is the Sherwood we have today - a great place to live, work and play.

However, the highlight of my time at the city really centered around the relationships and the memories that were developed while serving those who live here. Just a few of the people who will always be part of my fond personal memories include; Willy Plantz also known as 'the Donut Man', bringing morning donuts to the City Hall. Morning breaks at Sesame Donuts and Hydar's special spirit. Charlie Hoar, the 'Candy Man,' who kept the 'Love Bucket' on the front desk full of treats for visitors, and Hal Hughes, always the 'Joker,' entertaining everyone with his great sense of humor. I will never forget Odge Gribble, who is truly the heart and soul of Sherwood, or Odge's brother Kelly, known as the 'Can Man' -Sherwood's original recycler.

I'll never forget Clyde List a talented artist, historian and a mean banjo player, Ken VandenHoek who expressed God's spirit with hugs and guidance and Holli Robinson, who's energy through leadership at the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce put Sherwood on the map for so many events or Harold Payne working endless volunteer hours for the Chamber and the Visitors center.

I will also remember long-time developer Joe Broadhust of 'JoMar' Realty and the construction companies of Legacy Homes operated by the Miller brothers and Rick and Scott Robbins of RLR Homes helping to create homes for Sherwood families.

Of course, there is Gene Stewart who forever will be holding the City 'accountable.' Plus, there are the members and executives of the Elks, Rotary, YMCA , Lions and American Legion, all giving back to the community alongside other volunteers like Velma Woolley of Helping Hands and Alice Thornton of The Robinhood Festival along with many many others that touched my life while I worked at the city.

So while it's been difficult to make the transition from the daily contact I had with what has seemed like a large extended family, I look forward to establishing similar relationships in my next adventures. Thanks to all of you for making my work pleasurable and fulfilling.

'I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith' To Him be the glory! See 'ya around town

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