Residents ask question about why city is getting more crowded and roads are jammed while another lists those who helped start the annual car show.

Is there a reason our city is in growth mode?

It seems as if new building is happening on every spare scrap of land and we are constantly increasing our city boundaries. A few years ago, the Sherwood Gazette printed an article stating Sherwood listed as one of the U.S. best small cities to live in, but that in the last two years our ranking has slipped.

Why are we making our city overcrowded and less appealing by building more, more, more?

When I spoke to planning I was told that we need to support new businesses in Old Town such as Uncorked, the brewery in the Sherwood Center for the Arts (not yet installed) and the bakery.

Is that the reason we allow over growth of our city?

Has planning taken into account the fact that our landlocked city already has traffic issues? Students and teachers coming and going morning and afternoon from the new high school, tons of new homes along Roy Rogers Road, new businesses along Tualatin Sherwood Road (TSR), as well as the new apartments planned behind the library.

If the tannery land ever sells, there will be yet more traffic.

Traffic coming home at 5:30 p.m. on TSR is a parking lot, ditto skirting Bridgeport, Herman Road is usually better but it seems that any time of day or evening there is a jam-up coming to or going from Sherwood on TSR. My concern is quality of life. Some cities limit their growth, and in the extreme, dictate whether one can cut down a tree or erect a wall on their own property. I do not advocate this extreme example but there must be some structure set to limit growth.

Marikay Ross


Give credit to those who started the car show

After another successful Cruisin' Sherwood Car Show in June, I feel the need to set the record straight about how the car show came to be in Sherwood.A car show was held in Tigard for years.

After a falling out with that city, the car clubs were looking for a new place to hold this event. Chuck Conrad was a member of the Rod Runners West and a member of the Robinhood Festival Association.

He asked the Robinhoods if they would be interested in holding this event as a Robinhood Association- sanctioned fundraiser. After the Robinhood Association attended several of the car clubs meetings and the Rod Runners West came into Old Town and had some refreshments, it was decided that Sherwood would be an ideal setting to host this event.

The Robinhoods got the permits and the insurance necessary for this event.Rod Runners West, being familiar with putting on a Show and Shine, as it was called then, walked the Robinhood Association through the details. As the event would benefit the businesses in Old Town, they were approached to sponsor the purchase of trophies and "grab bags" for the car owners.

In those days, we used a flatbed trailer loaned to us by Berryhill nursery for the band and the award presentation. Boy things have changed!

It was a success for the Robinhood Association and to this day I don't know why they asked the Chamber of Commerce to take this event over.

Maybe the lack of volunteers, which is still a problem for them today. Here's a little plug for the Robinhood Association. They are a nice group of people who put on many events throughout the year which help make Sherwood a great place to live. The Robinhood Festival Association meets every third Thursday on the month at the Masonic Hall in Old Town. I urge you to get involved.

It's fun and rewarding!You're probably asking, why now, why set the record straight now? I knew and know many of the members of the Robinhood Festival Association of 1991, the year of the first car show.

They were and are committed and hard-working people like Odge Gribble, Jim Ferry, Gary Sheare, Chuck Conrad, Mike and Velma Wooley, Jillian and Alice Thornton, Eileen Cole, Dan and Kasey Hilliard and many more members and volunteers who attempted and succeeded in putting on the first car show in Sherwood, which continues today,

I'm just saying to give credit where credit is due.

Kathy Hunt (Cole)


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