Letters to the editor for the December 2017 Gazette: Resident argues to recall Sean Garland to follow consistency.

If consistency is followed,

Garland should be recalled

Recently, Sherwood recalled two city councilors. An attempt was also made to recall Mayor Clark-Endicott. Amongst their supposed faults were fiscal irresponsibility and the failure to listen to the citizens of Sherwood and the disrespect that demonstrated.

Sherwood just voted again on the issue of recreational marijuana facilities in this city. For the third time, Sherwood's citizens overwhelmingly rejected the idea.

Councilor Garland was a major advocate in favor of bringing recreational marijuana to Sherwood. He wrote an article in the Sherwood Archer and pushed to have it put on a special election ballot. The arguments were the same ones used last year when the measure failed then.

Calling for a costly and wasteful election is not fiscally responsible. Ignoring the will of the people who spoke on this twice is not listening to the citizens of Sherwood.

Nor is it respectful of their twice stated position on the issue. If the people who worked to recall councilors Harris and Robinson and former Mayor Clark-Endicott are consistent, then I expect them to mount a recall effort against Councilor Garland.

I do not approve of recalls for elected officials unless there is proof of illegal or unethical behavior, but I am in favor of consistency.

Alan H. Pearson


Proud to hear students sing National Anthem

I attended the Sherwood senior varsity boy's soccer game in October. It was senior night and the sound system was out and it was difficult to hear what the boys were going to do after graduation.

After the presentation, the national anthem was next, but there was no music. A group of students started singing the anthem and suddenly everyone joined in.

Everyone knew the words, were in tune and sang loudly. This was truly a memorable moment.

Mary Thorsell


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