City of Sherwood Mayor shares thoughts and updates about what's happening in Sherwood.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Lee Weislogel Sherwood citizens now have a full slate of city council members hard at work for progress in 2018, including Renee Brouse, Russell Griffin and Tim Rosener. Sean Garland was re-elected as council president as we begin the New Year. We now have all seven positions filled.

To accomplish all tasks that are being planned and/or scheduled, we look forward to positive participation, careful thought and opportunities for Sherwood's goals. To complete the transition, an election for mayor and two city council seats will take place in March. The plan is to swear in the newly elected candidates in early April. The next election will be in November.

Recent City Council action has approved the Sherwood High School Concept Plan with Amendments. This Ordinance Amends the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Map, and Adopts the Metro Title 11 Concept Plan.

Also included are refinements to the Sherwood West Preliminary Concept Plan. We join the Sherwood School District in supporting our new Sherwood High School for the good of our youth and our entire community.

The city council also has approved the Master Services Agreement with the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette. The agreement is for five years with a five-year renewal option. Many improvements have been made subsequent to the original 20-year contract. These include ongoing features of coordination between the city and the YMCA for the partnership to thrive. These include program and facility management of both the city and YMCA to work together and communicate regularly. In addition, the city council now will have a council liaison role and the entire city council will have an annual walkthrough to connect with YMCA staff and tour the entire facility.

We are planning a "State of the City" address in the near future as has been done in the past. The date, time and location information will be passed on when established. The address also will be available live or recorded on the city's YouTube channel. It is an opportunity to celebrate the New Year by taking stock of our 125-year founding as a city, as well as anticipating change for encouraging results.

Upcoming projects include vision from the annual boards and commissions reports:

n A master plan creation for a public art program for Sherwood, funded through a grant received by the Sherwood Cultural Arts Commission, and initiate one new public art project.

n Completion of the new parking lot on First Street in Old Town.

n Evaluation of the first user survey conducted by the library by its advisory board.

n Future project feasibility: Skate Park, second dog park and setting aside of funds by the Parks and Recreation Board.

n Review and planning for deferred items, financial audit findings, and refining of a five-year plan for revenue and expenses, including all potential revenue sources by the budget committee.

n Updating of the comprehensive plan by the planning commission after years of growth, as well as training and education for new commission members are important goals.

n Build upon the success of the citizens academy and finalize plans to implement a citizens police academy by the police advisory board.

We are eager to continue work with our city's civic organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Sherwood Main Street, student /parent groups and scouts, food banks, the wildlife refuge, festivals and care facilities. Schools, government agencies, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, as well as the Marjorie Stewart Community Center and YMCA are interwoven in the fabric of our hometown.

Thanks for all you do for our city – and your suggestions are most welcome.

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