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Residents weigh in on upcoming Sherwood School Board race, which features seven candidates vying for three seats.

Deep down inside, people are good

I just want to share something that happened to me today that shows the goodness in people. I was in line at the Sherwood DMV waiting to be helped. I walk with a cane due to arthritis in my knee. There was a long line in front of us and the couple ahead of me told me to sit down in a nearby chair and they would let me know when it was my turn to be helped. This they did. I was so overwhelmed that someone would be so kind and helpful. I so hope they will see this letter and know how much this meant to me. Yes there really are many good people in this crazy world of ours. My sincere thanks to this couple.

Larry Daw


Time for a change on Sherwood School Board

In the past year, I've watched as our kids have increasingly become political pawns.

From COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdowns to racial/political tensions — they have been the ones who've suffered most at the hands of politicians and their decisions on what is and is not important regarding their education.

Last year, like many of you, I received a letter from the Sherwood School District containing links to materials that encouraged the readers (presumably our kids and their teachers) to vote for a certain political party and to "seek out and engage" those of the other party. Why is our school district spending precious time and resources on political propaganda? (Editor's note: The Sherwood School District included a link to a website encouraging people to vote for Democrats in an online list of anti-racism resources on June 4, 2020. The school district later apologized and removed the link, saying it had not been properly vetted.)

Within days of my son's return to school, he was presented with an assignment "COVID-19 vs. Polio" — an assignment whose only purpose was to perpetuate fear of the virus and force the answer that the only path back to hope is a vaccine.

I do not send my child to school to be trained to be an activist, to be taught values (that is my job) or be directed as to who he should vote for or what he should/should not do to his body. I send him to be taught reading, writing, math, science…you know, the things employers are going to want as they enter adulthood.

Sherwood, it is time for a change. That is why I am writing this letter in support of Duncan Nyang'oro and Krista Thorne for Sherwood School Board. I've personally met with both of them and I can say unequivocally that their only agenda is to see our children receive the absolute best education possible. They have children in the district, and their passion for education is undeniable. Contact them and find out for yourself — our kids, our future, deserve it.

Dan Mackenzie


Grothe good at conflict management, listening

I know I might be biased, but I'm writing in hopes you will consider my husband, James Grothe, for the Sherwood School Board. We've been married 20-plus years and have three children. James is kind, level-headed, weighs all sides/pros/cons before doing something, doesn't make rash decisions, is empathetic, can put himself in others' shoes, and truly cares for all kids in this community. I know, I probably sound like most people enthusiastic over their spouse, but it's true! I have had the pleasure of coaching with him, and I just love watching him interact with the kids. He truly wants to get to know them and help build their confidence. He is incredible at conflict management. Having three kids, running a business, and coaching soccer has been great practice. James is an extraordinary listener (not just listening to wait to get his point across) he listens to other's ideas/views and tries to understand where they are coming from. He can also have difficult discussions and admit when something doesn't go right. Kids are his No. 1 priority. He has no hidden agenda. He wants what is best for Sherwood kids, period. He is more than qualified to step into this role.

Pam Grothe


Campbell supports STEM, broad curriculum

While Sherwood now has some of the best school facilities in Oregon, the need to prepare students for new challenges continues. The direction from the school board needs to include a solid academic curriculum, an environment for all students to grow academically and opportunities to participate in activities including sports, fine arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning opportunities. Paths for both college and vocational careers continue to be essential. This requires school board members to bring excellent varied backgrounds and work together to lay out an outstanding vision for the Sherwood schools.

How many times have you heard "We need to follow the science?" When visiting Sherwood schools you may see students using 3-D printing machines or building and programing computers or designing and programming robots. Our family has enjoyed seeing Sherwood math students gain understanding and confidence around our kitchen table. These examples remind us that our children are able to acquire an understanding of what it means to follow the science as they learn STEM foundational basics. Sherwood has been fortunate to be able to offer a broad spectrum of technical offerings.

Eric Campbell should continue to serve on the Sherwood School Board given his support for a broad curriculum as he works hard to address individual needs. Eric brings STEM industry experience and vision needed to equip Sherwood students with educational components required for college and vocational paths. Eric has been part of the team completing the recent massive Sherwood schools facilities project on time and under budget. Working with the strengths of other Sherwood School Board members, Eric will continue to maintain and improve the rich education vision needed in the Sherwood School District.

Rick and Gail Pier


Grothe has been role model as a coach

I'm writing with a recommendation for James Grothe to be considered for the Sherwood School Board position.

I've known and worked with James over the past several years and highly recommend James for a position on the Sherwood School board.

James has worked as a soccer coach with Westside Timbers club since 2015. 

He has coached various teams and levels as a head coach, assistant coach and has been a fantastic role model for the players that he has coached.

James loves to coach soccer, is very organized, has strong principles and integrity and does a fantastic job not just on the soccer field but also communicating with players' families.

James is currently the director of Westside Timbers Development program in Sherwood.

The program is for younger boys and girls (U-7-10 ages) and is bridge program between recreation and classic soccer. James has done a great job building relationships with families and rebuilding the program. 

I highly recommend James for the Sherwood board position.

John Bain

Westside Timbers Soccer Club

Nyang'oro, Thorne best bets for Sherwood School Board

Sherwood School Board needs new voices. Duncan Nyang'oro and Krista Thorne are the best options to represent kids and families in our community. They both have kids in school, they both will listen to parents and community members. While Pat Allen is busy with Kate Brown's political priorities he's neglected our kids. Duncan Nyang'oro is focused on what is happening here in Sherwood. Duncan is an auditor and will be mindful of how our tax dollars are spent. Krista Thorne is a working mom who refuses to let our kids fall behind any longer. I trust her to shake up the complacency on the board. Please join me in voting for Krista and Duncan. They care deeply about our kids and our community!

Peggy Stevens


Grothe has positive attitude, cares about Sherwood

I think the school board this year has been presented a great opportunity to include a much-needed conservative voice to their ranks. I don't generally get involved with local politics, but when I heard James Grothe would be running this year, I wanted to make sure that he received my vote.

I have worked with James for the last 15 years. I have seen firsthand his effective leadership to get a group of people with opposing views to come together for the collective good of everyone. His positive attitude is infectious. This quality is something that I think would benefit Sherwood to make it an even better place.

Getting to know him over the years has giving me some insight to his true character. He is a morally driven individual who is focused on making his community a better place. He has been active throughout Sherwood by coaching kids' soccer. He genuinely cares about Sherwood and is willing to do his part to see it succeed. I appreciate the fact that he is willing to let people know exactly where he stands. Our community would be well served to add an individual like James Grothe to our school board.

John Diteman


Allen loves Sherwood, not too busy to serve

Pat Allen loves Sherwood and proves it with his actions. He's inquisitive and analytic, weighing complex issues to develop and implement successful strategies. His talents and experience benefit our entire community. For years, Pat provided invaluable direction to a legion of parents as vice president of Sherwood High's Marching Band. His nightly emails, breaking down every detail of what our kids were going through at "Marching Band Camp" and how to help them prepare for the next day, were invaluable in helping us help our kids. Pat even returned two years after his youngest had graduated to help put on a very profitable marching band competition, hosted by Sherwood Bands alumni, at Linfield University. All while overseeing Oregon's Department of Consumer and Business Services with 9,000-plus employees. Suggesting Pat is too busy to effectively serve our schools, or that we should be deprived of his vast experience for new ideas, is misguided. As director of the Oregon Health Authority, there's no doubt he's busy, but his experiences have positioned him to be more of an asset to our community, not less. Change for the sake of change makes no sense. I urge you: Retain Patrick Allen on the Sherwood School Board, Position 4. Jeff Shipman


Hayes is level-headed, thoughtful leader There are several strong Sherwood School Board candidates in the May election. We will be well-served by studying the background, skills, and motivations of each candidate prior to casting our votes. Janice Hayes stands out. Several key attributes distinguish her from others.

First, Janice has deep successful experience in multiple districts in other states, and in Oregon as well. As a former teacher and school leader, she understands the important factors that provide success for all students. Second, Janice models character and integrity.

In the last 13 years I have personally observed her in multiple community settings. Whether school, business, non-profit, or faith-based organizations, she always brings wisdom and perspective to each conversation and decision. She is a steady, level-headed and thoughtful leader. Finally, Janice is unique in her financial skill set. With many years of success in the financial advisory profession, she will bring a rigorous eye to school and district expenditures, insisting our best investments are focused on student learning experiences. It is unusual to encounter a candidate with such a mature, extensive and well-equipped skill set, eager to serve our community's biggest investment, our children. I urge your vote in support of Janice Hayes. Dan Jamison


Grothe generous with time, cares about kids

I got to know James Grothe in sixth grade as one of his soccer players. Over the two years he was my coach I noticed that he was extremely generous with his time and energy. During that time, he was on the board of the Sherwood Rec Program as well, helping it continue to be a great program for many kids in Sherwood.

He's an experienced leader who deeply cares for the kids of this community. In the course of those two years, James taught me how to believe in myself. It has been a struggle for years but he taught me that I have value and could contribute to the team. Growing up we all have those people who have made positive imprints in our lives.

Coach James has done that for me which is why he would make a great fit for the school board. It would be a privilege for this community to have someone as dedicated, experienced, and caring for us kids as James Grothe. I think he would be a good addition in guiding our schools into the future.

Hailey Henson


Campbell works with others to improve schools

I am a long-time resident of Sherwood and a veteran of 32 years teaching in our district. I would urge you to vote for Eric Campbell for school board.

Sherwood has enjoyed years of excellence in our schools, as well as building projects that have consistently come in on time and on budget. We are blessed in this and it is one of the areas of pride our community shares. This is in no small part due to the efforts of Eric Campbell. It is fortunate when we have a board member with no axe to grind and who works with others to continuously improve our schools and our community. 

I look at the big picture, and the big picture in Sherwood is very good. It is good because of people like Eric. Let's not lose sight of our values and throw away professionalism, honesty, commitment, and integrity because of single-issue candidates with no experience in the complicated processes of public education.

John Niebergall


Grothe has integrity, willingness to learn

I am writing today in support of James Grothe for Sherwood School Board. I've known James and his wife for several years and first volunteered with him on Site Council at Edy Ridge around 7 years ago.

At the time, I was impressed with his willingness to listen and learn, then share thoughtful insight and ideas to help strengthen the school community.

He's not afraid to step into challenging volunteer positions such as the boundary adjustment committee because he understands its importance. Most recently, I was vice chair as James headed up the bond campaign committee. His dedication to the students in our district was obvious.

The centerpiece of the bond was the new High School, but James was just as passionate about the safety and security, technology updates, and educational pieces, knowing it would impact students in our Sherwood School District for years.

James is a man of integrity, with a heart for Sherwood's kids. His volunteer record proves this. I believe he will strive to work with those around him, listening and building relationships, but always putting our students' needs first. Please join me in voting for James Grothe for Sherwood School Board. Thank you.

Nicole Brutosky


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