The new business will be added to current locations in Portland and Lake Oswego

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Wade and Christine McCulloch recently opened their third acupunture clinic, this one inside Sherwood Family Medicine Clinic. Their other two clinics are in Lake Oswego and Portland.  Dr. Wade McCulloch has declared war on pain.

And he says he's winning.McCulloch recently brought the Qi Spot Acupuncture Clinic to Sherwood, a place where he combines his dedication, skill and knowledge into a formula that has achieved great success in making pain go away.

He makes no bones about it.

"I can get rid of pain 90 percent of the time," McCulloch said. "My results have been outstanding. I can almost guarantee that I will reduce your pain immediately."

McCulloch's path to becoming an anti-pain crusader began with his own pain. It was from irritable bowel syndrome, which hit just as he was preparing for a career as a regular medical doctor.

However, the normal course of treatment of his ailment was not working. He finally decided to try something else.

"I went to a Chinese acupuncturist in a monastery in Hawaii," McCulloch said. "He cured me, and it made me realize that Western medicine is very limited and that Chinese medicine is not very limited."

This discovery was so important to McCulloch that he decided to become a Chinese-style acupuncturist himself, and he went to extra lengths to do it. Most physicians in the field only attain a master's degree, but McCulloch decided to go for his doctorate.

"I was one of the few who went back to school to get a doctorate," McCulloch said. "It almost killed me, but I did it."

McCulloch opened his first clinic in Portland 10 years ago, but he wasn't quite satisfied with either his rate of success or where he and his wife (and business manager) Christine were living. The couple opened a new clinic in Lake Oswego two years ago to achieve the kind of success he was hoping for. Now he wants to bring that success to Sherwood.

"I've changed my method," McCulloch said. "With the old way, I had a 60 percent rate of removing pain. Now it's 90 percent."

McCulloch said he has a great vote of confidence from Nike with the sports shoe giant trusting him to treat their Olympic athletes. 

"Often people think that they have to come to acupuncture so many times that it's not affordable," Christine McCulloch said. "But when you compare it to the cost of going for other kinds of pain treatment, acupuncture is very affordable, and most insurance plans cover it."

After 10 years in downtown Portland and two years in Lake Oswego, Dr. McCulloch has decided to open a clinic he hopes to soon call home. 

With a focus on pain management using acupuncture and internal medicine (allergies, asthma, IBS, migraines, stress, insomnia, fertility, etc.) with Chinese herbs, McCulloch wants you to think about Chinese medicine as your first choice in chronic illness and pain. 

"Unless it's an emergency, people need to consider calling me first. I will refer them to the primary care doctor if needed, but 80 percent of the time, I can help them naturally, without any addiction or side effects"

The McCulloughs fell in love with Sherwood over the years and plan on making it their primary residence next year. Wade McCulloch likes to joke that he can "treat anything, including skepticism."

The Qi Spot Acupuncture Clinic is located at 20015 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 300, in the Sherwood Family Medicine Clinic.


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