Gov. Brown: 'Get your children vaccinated ... holy smokes,…

The measles outbreak was preventable and science has long debunked the rumors of unsafe vaccinations.

Johnson: As lawmakers, we can't give what we don't have

Sen. Betsy Johnson, co-chair of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, outlines spending challenges confronting lawmakers in the 2019 legislative…

Our Opinion: Home visit law would be cash wisely spent

We applaud the universal nature of the proposed program: This isn€„¢t just aimed at underserved families, or low-income families, but everyone.…

Death of iconic actress reminds us of importance of theater

Carol Channing died Tuesday at age 97; became synonymous with Broadway for her role in 'Hello Dolly!'

2019 Legislature: Ready, set, go!

Our portion of Washington County has an outsized number of committee gavels and leadership experience this year.

Legislature: Make clarity, openness priorities

As lawmakers gather this week for 'Legislative days,' let's hope that public access to the work done by the public's civil servants remain…

Time once again to talk about time

State senator proposes eliminating twice-per-year time changes in favor of keeping daylight saving time.

Get real about PERS Crisis

Lawmakers and this newspaper are wrong about best/worst ways to handle the state's PERS crisis.

Tough call crucial for easing PERS debt

Using the personal kicker for one time only would put Oregon's K-12 schools in better financial position.

Local firefighters answered call to serve in California

All Oregon firefighters have returned home safe, bringing with them valuable experience with brush and forest fires.

League to discuss redistricting

Redistricting comes up after the 2020 Census; it's time to find out what that means for Oregonians.

Ouster of Rep. Vial has impact on all of Oregon

He was an old-school moderate; and his departure secures Washington County as a Democratic stronghold.

Many thanks for all that Stan Lee taught me

My job is to be a storyteller; who better to learn from than one of the greatest storytellers of the 20th century?

It's finally over. What did we learn?

Washington County and the state are both leaning to the left; money doesn't always buy wins; and Oregon's election system is the best in the nation.

Dreaming big for fairground

Andy Duyck, outgoing Washington County Commission chair, has big plans for the County Fair Complex.

Community college helps students gear-up for future jobs

Addressing the 'skills gap' for business and industry remains one of the challenges.

Who we endorse

It's too late to mail in your ballots; see the top of our webpage for a list of ballot drop-off sites in Washington County.

Letters to the editor

Area residents weigh in on candidates and issues facing voters on Nov. 6 general election.

Give Harrington nod for county chair

Washington County has been run well but big challenges need new answers for coming years.

Vote 'no' on Measures 103, 104

Both measures are solutions in search of problems, and should be rejected by voters.

To keep communities safe, vote 'no' on Measure 105

Longtime law enforcement leader sees value in maintaining Oregon's 'sanctuary' status.

Letters to the editor

A Scout does outreach; elected officials reject Measure 105, which would overturn Oregon's 'Sanctuary' law.

Measure 102 deserves a 'yes' vote

This simple change to the state Constitution will allow public-private partnerships for affordable housing.

Our Opinion: Tolls must add capacity first

Like other big issues facing Oregon, the transportation problem can seem unsolvable. But for the average person trying to make his or her way to…

Career, technical education lifts up lives

Congresswoman: Recent bill supports programs such as Auto Tech at Aloha High School.

Our editorial: It's time to stop false attacks on the media

Newspapers across the nation, including The Times, take an opportunity to push back against the 'fake news' nonsense.

Law enforcement leaders back sanctuary law

Washington County Sheriff and District Attorney both oppose Measure 105 on November ballot.

King City is getting ready for housing challenge

Mayor Ken Gibson: The population increase is coming for every city in the metro area; King City has a plan.

Our Opinion: Independent party must prove viability

We don't blame the IPO for using this unexpected bit of leverage. After all, the political deck in Oregon is stacked heavily in favor of the…

Letters to the editor

Topics range from the White House border policy, to Alzheimer's research, to election lawn signs.

In November, vote to maintain Oregon's sanctuary status

Current law is supported by many in law enforcement, encourages immigrants to trust police.

People are being heard on light rail plan

My opinion: More need to get involved, and the deadline to do so is Monday, July 30.

Fire season requires attention from all of us

Smokey skies over the region last year remind us that living so close to the forests is a blessing but has its impacts, as well.

Residents came together out of love

Citizens' view: In response to a federal policy taking children from people seeking asylum, a community comes together.

Our Opinion: Compromise immigration bill needed

We call on our state's congressional delegation, Democrats and the lone Republican, to work toward a compromise immigration reform bill, rather than…

Letters to the editor

Tolling for highways is terrible option; 'electronic-repair' rights would be boon.

Participate when education task force comes to town

The Legislature proved that the 'road show' concept worked in 2016-17 to create a transportation package of bills; here's hoping lightning strikes…

Tigard takes first step toward smart zoning option

Our opinion: It's time to reconsider strict zoning throughout Washington County in light of a shortage of affordable housing; to reduce transit; and…

Reflecting on Marylhurst

Marylhurst trustees reflect on bittersweet last commencement for historic college.

Oregon leads nation in encouraging people to vote

Credit Secretary of State Dennis Richardson for being on the correct side of voters rights.

Unhappy about vehicle registration fee? Blame the…

Our view: When Congress stopped increasing the federal gas tax in 1993, cities, counties and states had to step up.

Is Metro right agency to lead on housing?

Our opinion: A lot more information is needed before moving forward with a massive housing vote.

We're not yet prepared for next big disaster

Infrastructure Week reminds us that maintaining what we have is a key component for readiness.

Fighting to overcome the opioid crisis

Congresswoman: Tour of state has led to analysis of our opioid crisis in Oregon.

Breakdown of voting in Washington County

Our opinion: Two lessons to be learned from Tigard and Tualatin; new Washington County Commission still taking shape.

Our list of endorsements

Tuesday is the dealine to vote; The Times will begin posting election results shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Ogden gets nod in BOLI race; position shouldn't be…

The time has come for Gov. Brown and the Legislature to make this an appointed directorship.

Treece gets nod for District 2

Our opinion: Director of Westside Economic Alliance would bring vision to county.

Give Deckert top job in county

Our opinion: Former legislator would be the right fit to help a well-run county pivot toward the next challenges.

OPINION: 'Smart guns' aren't so smart

An experienced engineer questions the idea of using technology to solve social problems.

Letters to the editor

May 15 election dominates the mail bag this week, including DA and county races.

Sherwood's choices: Smart growth, or unplanned…

Our opinion: Sherwood staff was correct to weave an expansion of the urban growth boundary into the city's comprehensive plan.

Letters to the editor

The Tuesday, May 15, primary election dominates the newspaper's mailbag this week.

Letters to the Editor

Support for Washington County District Attorney candidate Kevin Barton; opinions on the Urban Growth Boundary; and more.

Collaboration connects students to their futures

Portland Community College, Bank of America support the Future Connect program.

Letters to the editor

Only two letters this week: Rep. Rich Vial gets kudos, and e-cigarettes get burned.

Let's praise student activism - from left or right

Our opinion: From walkouts to nationwide marches, students are becoming activists; that's a good thing.

History Notes: Our First Mayor

Local historian June Reynolds shares the story of Sherwood's first mayor, who faced a recall election.

'Yes' votes will expand fire services westward

Measures 34-280 and 34-281 shouldn't be on the ballot, but since they are, voters should approve them.

Letters to the Editor: March 2018

This month's letters include support for both mayoral candidates, and for Dreamers.

Column: Deactivate and participate

'I'm done with being virtually social by clicking on a posting and hoping it passes as actual sympathy or empathy.'

It's time to ban assault-style weapons

Our opinion: Military-style weapons have no purpose in the hands of civilians.

Lessons in resignation of Sen. Kruse

Our opinion: Not every agency handles harassment cases as well as Beaverton's chamber.

Editorial: Governor right to focus on jobs in her…

Our opinion: Unemployment may be at record lows right now, but not everybody is experiencing the boom times.

My View: What's the chance of a woman president?

Studies also have found that, for the voice of a collective group to be heard, that group must achieve a critical mass - around 30 percent. If we're…

Our community at crosshairs of national news

Our opinion: Affordable Care Act (Measure 101) and DACA make news right in our backyards.

Progress in our dynamic hometown

City of Sherwood Mayor shares thoughts and updates about what's happening in Sherwood.

Our Opinion: Vote yes on Ballot Measure 101

A 'yes' vote on Measure 101 allows the democratic process to work, gives lawmakers a year to monitor the new financing package they passed last…

Get outside the box

Columnist discusses the benefits of getting outside and connecting with nature.

Statewide road show for education: 'A' for effort

Our opinion: Statewide road shows for transportation in 2016-17 resulted in an ambitious, bipartisan bill. Can legislators do the same for education?

PCC enters 2018 with optimism

President Mark Mitsui says college remains community leader in environmental movement.

Health care tax doesn't pass fairness test

Voters should reject Measure 101 and force lawmakers to craft better funding plan.

Our Opinion: Vote 'yes' on Ballot Measure 101

A 'yes' vote on Measure 101 allows the democratic process to work, gives lawmakers a year to monitor the new financing package they passed last…

Secretary of State: Oregon fails 1 in 4 students

An audit of education procedures shows much more action is needed in this state.

Sexual harassment dialogue is overdue

Powerful men are beginning to be outsted because of their inappropriate actions ... finally.

My View: Give to the arts by year-end

Oregonians may get a 2017 tax credit for giving to the Oregon Cultural Trust and qualifying arts organizations by Dec. 31.

It's time for West Coast leaders to talk traffic

Rep. Richard Vial: Bipartisan plan needed to address transportation issues.

Not allowing accelerated learning impairs student…

Column points out the advantages of allowing for better opportunities through accelertated learning.

My View: Kids' health shouldn't be a budget…

Congress has cut funding to the Children's Health Insurance Program; Sen. Ron Wyden vows to fight for funding to allow the program to continue.

Readers' Views

Letters to the editor for the December 2017 Gazette: Resident argues to recall Sean Garland to follow consistency.

Meeting set to select council president pro tem,…

Councilor Sally Robinson says she doesn't believe the meeting, which is set for Tuesday evening, is legal.

First GBS/CIDP Walk & Roll set for Tigard's Cook…

The event is a one-mile walk in support of three debilating afflications, set for Sunday, Sept. 17 at Tigard's Cook Park.

Letters to the editor

Citizens weigh in on marijuana initiative, efforts to save Affordable Care Act and whether city is friendly to small businesses

YMCA Teens use leadership skills to plant 800…

Sherwood pair in Y's Teen Leadership program create volunteer projects for Y's Teen Center Ambassadors

Vance: Beware of cruel new scam involving…

'A male voice came on the line who told me that he had kidnapped my daughter and would kill her if I didn't do what he said.'

Rep. Rich Vial: Bipartisan leadership accomplished…

Transportation package will be remembered as a singular accomplishment of 2017 Legislature.

Letters to the Editor

Residents ask question about why city is getting more crowded and roads are jammed while another lists those who helped start the annual car show.

With cancer hitting so close to home, Relay for…

Sherwood resident Corey Kearsley talks about how cancer has significantly affected his life (including taking his wife), and how he supports next…

Letters to the editor

Elections are over, proving once again that we can disagree but need to do so respectfully; meanwhile a resident questions cost of Royal Rosarian…

Letters to the editor

Residents show support for Sherwood School Board candidates in May race with support given to both of those -- Mike Hiland and Amber Dahl -- running…

Our View: Legislature should raise tobacco use age…

The bill passed the Senate and is on its way to the House.

Letters to the editor:

Letter writers take on Oregon Legislature and future of YMCA

First Sip n Spell a huge success, raises $20,000…

Event proves to be successful followup to the annual Calling for Kids telethon

State Sen. Kim Thatcher: Electoral College protects…

The system was put in place to give the smaller states a larger voice than they would have under a direct democracy.

Letters to the editor

Resident doesn't think it would be a good idea for the city to take over the YMCA

Lawmakers: Change legal age to buy tobacco products…

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and Rep. Richard Vial worked together on the bill introduced on the first day of 2017 Legislature.

Letters to the editor

Readers show support for YMCA, praise mayor for column about respect

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