by: COURTESY OF ECOSPEED  - New Utility Horse is unveiled this week, designed and made by two Portland companies. Two Portland companies teamed up to create a new electric-powered cargo bike.

They call it the Utility Horse.

EcoSpeed, which designs and makes electric motor kits that transform regular bikes into electric-assist bikes, worked with Ti-Cycles, a local maker of bike frames and other components.

The Utility Horse has room for lots of grocery bags plus an extra seat that could hold multiple passengers. The electric motor enables the bike to travel at 20 miles per hour, fully loaded, up hills. Bicyclists will appreciate the belt drive system, which protects their pant legs from catching grease from a moving chain.

EcoSpeed and Ti-Cycles will unveil the Utility Horse on Saturday, July 13 at the Cascadia Cargo Bike Fair & Disaster Relief Trials, at OMSI.