Backers of a statewide initiative campaign against genetically modified organisms will hold a march in Portland on Saturday, on the heels of Tuesday’s election victory for two anti-GMO measures in Southern Oregon’s Josephine and Jackson counties.

The so-called March Against Monsanto/PDX takes place at 11 a.m. at Shemanski Park in Portland’s South Park Blocks, between Southwest Salmon Street and Main streets. That’s the site used by Portland Farmer’s Market, near Portland State University.

Organizers plan a rally, live music, speakers, and a march through downtown starting at noon.

The volunteer-run event is targeting Monsanto’s efforts to patent seeds, and organizers argue that the company’s RoundUp Ready seeds are promoting pesticide use that reduces the populations of bees and butterflies.

Monsanto and other biotech firms heavily opposed the two county measures, but supporters prevailed despite being outspent. If a statewide measure qualifies for the ballot, Oregon could be the latest site of the ongoing multimillion-dollar battle pitting agribusiness against organic farm interests.

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