COURTESY COLUMBIA RIVERKEEPER - Volunteers call for cleanup of contamination at Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Columbia Riverkeeper has released a new short film on contamination at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the threat it poses to the Columbia and communities along the river.

The film, called “Hanford: A Race Against Time,” was released on Aug. 6, three days before the 70th anniversary of the U.S. nuclear attack on Nagasaki. The bomb dropped on Nagasaki, known as “Fat Man,” included plutonium produced at Hanford.

Columbia Riverkeeper argues that Hanford, located in Washington’s Tri-Cities area, is the most contaminated site in the Western Hemisphere. It’s also one of the most complicated and costly environmental cleanups in the world, because of leaking radiation and other issues.

The film, available on YouTube at, includes footage of the Hanford Reach area, and interviews with experts at Columbia Riverkeeper, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Yakama Nation, Washington Department of Ecology and others.

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