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COURTESY: JOHN VALLS  -  Portland Chef Doug Adams, of Imperial restaurant, wowed guests with a wild Hawaiian venison dish at Nicky USA's 'Wild About Game' event in September. It was venison gumbo with smoked venison carpaccio, bone marrow vinaigrette and pickled chanterelles.Just in time for the holidays, eco-conscious meat lovers can now enjoy sustainably raised venison, imported from Hawaii, in Oregon for the first time.

Portland-based Nicky USA just announced their exclusive distribution partnership with Maui Nui Venison, which harvests wild Axis deer on the islands of Maui and Moloka’i to keep the invasive species populations under control.

Overpopulation of the wild deer are a threat to both the environment and agriculture in the islands, as the deer spread invasive plants, cause erosion and damage ecosystems.

Opening the market for wild Hawaiian venison, Nicky USA says, will help to maintain the ecological balance and offer a sustainable meat to consumers and chefs outside of Hawaii.

Until now, it's been available only to chefs and non-commercial hunters within the state of Hawaii.

The venison is harvested under strict USDA field protocols. It made its debut at the annual Wild About Game event in October, lauded by guests and local chefs as prepared by Chef Doug Adams of Imperial and Chef Eric Sakai of Restaurant Marron in Seattle.

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