So far, the price of gasoline is up a fraction of a penny per gallon due to the state Clean Fuels Program.

TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - A natural-gas-powered car is fueled up.
The Clean Fuels program provides incentives for a variety of alternatives to regular gasoline and diesel fuel.Gas prices were up this Memorial Day weekend, but in Oregon the carbon emissions per gallon of fuel are down, according to a new report on the state's Clean Fuels Program.

The program requires annual reductions in carbon pollution from Oregon's transportation fuel, with a goal of cutting emissions 10 percent by 2025. The rules require a 1 percent reduction in carbon emissions from transportation fuel in 2018.

So far, the requirements have resulted in a reduction of 1 million tons of greenhouse gases, according to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Some companies that produce low-carbon fuels are earning credits through the program that other fuel suppliers can purchase to comply with the new regulations.

So far, said Cory-Ann Wind, program coordinator with DEQ, the added cost of compliance — based on the cost of buying those credits — is just a fraction of a penny per gallon for both gasoline and diesel.

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