The prohibition applies to wood, charcoal and other flames at campgrounds and shoreline areas.

WIKIPEDIA PHOTO - An image of a campfire, which are currently banned in state parks, is shown here. Baby, please don't light that fire.

That's the word from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, who have banned all campfires and open flames at state parks — effective immediately.

The prohibition includes day-use areas, campgrounds and areas of the shoreline managed by OPRD.

Firebugs should know the no-burn order applies to wood, charcoal and other flame sources, though liquid fuel stoves that can be turned on or off using a switch are still allowed, but can not be left unattended.

"We understand this is an inconvenience for campers, especially those who might not see the immediate need for local fire restrictions," said Parks and Rec Deputy Director M.G. Devereux. "We appreciate the public's patience and their willingness to help protect our natural areas."

Devereux says any accidental fires would overtax firefighters battling numerous blazes across the state.

The ban will last at least one week, but may be continued as foresters and firefighters weigh in on local fire conditions and watch the thermometer.

For more on fire restrictions, call the state parks info line at 800-551-6949

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