A perplexing incident was reported near milepost 6.5 on the Springwater Trail on July 21.

PMG FILE PHOTO - This photo shows a portion of the Springwater Corridor Trail. It's not quite a tripwire — but maybe a booby trap?

Portland Police are investigating a perplexing incident reported at milepost 6.5 on the Springwater Corridor around 9:20 a.m. on Saturday, July 21.

A scofflaw with an apparent grudge against bikers and day hikers strung up a "large and heavy chain" across the width of the Springwater Corridor. The chest-high chain was attached to the fence that borders both sides of the trail.

Yet when officers arrived in the area east of Southeast 45th Avenue and Johnson Creek Boulevard, the chain was lying on the ground.

"Officers believe a concerned community member likely abated the hazard by forcing the chain to the ground prior to their arrival," a news release reports. "Officers believe the chain would have been at chest level prior to being forced to the pathway."

The chain has been seized as evidence by police, who say no one was injured by the safety hazard.

If you see something odd on the Springwater Trail, you can always call Portland's park rangers at 503-823-1637.

Anyone with information about the chain should call 503-823-3333 and reference case number 18-245375.

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