Department of Environmental Quality issues about $120,000 in combined penalties to Patheon Development Services and Univar USA

COURTESY METRO  - A worker carefully handles hazardous waste brought by a member of the public to a Metro facility in Oregon City. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issued substantial fines to two Oregon-based companies for improperly disposing of their hazardous waste in Idaho.

DEQ fined Patheon Development Services $59,890 and fined Univar USA $60,948.

According to DEQ, between July 2015 and July 2017 Patheon generated chlorinated solvent waste at its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Bend, and failed to accurately identify and report the waste as hazardous.

Pantheon then provided the waste to Univar, doing business as ChemCare, which transported 14 shipments totaling 7,270 pounds, without the required documentation, DEQ alleges.

Univar transported the waste to a US Ecology facility in Grand View, Idaho, where it was disposed in a landfill without being property treated, DEQ says. The waste should have been incinerated in a specialized facility for hazardous wastes prior to being dumped in the landfill.

Untreated chlorinated solvents can pass through landfill barriers and contaminate groundwater, threatening drinking water and the environment. Such solvents also can off-gas toxic compounds into the air, exposing humans to materials that can harm our central nervous systems and increase the risk of liver and lung cancers.

Both companies have until Nov. 13 to appeal their penalties.

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