Police say a report was filed but a victim has yet to come forward, 'extra patrols will be on the agenda'

Parents and worried citizens took to social media earlier today, discussing an incident said to have shaken up the skatepark last evening.

The situation, as reported second-hand to the Sandy Police Department, involved a group of teenagers exhibiting violent behavior toward an adult. The adult is said to have approached the group to ask they cease using foul language in the vicinity of younger children. The group then allegedly yelled insults back at him, and possibly even hit him.

The police were called around 7:48 p.m. Tuesday night but the parties involved were no longer present at the park when the officers arrived.

In light of community comments, Lieutenant Shawn Burns said he hasn't seen a particular "spike" in incidents at the park as "compared to any other summer," but that crowds are more prevalent during the warm weather season.

"We try to put more presence in any area where we receive multiple complaints," Burns added. "People are voicing concerns and I definitely understand that. They want a safe place for their children to go. Extra patrols will definitely be on the agenda."

The names of the alleged victim and teens remain unknown as neither have been in contact with police. No further action regarding the situation can or will be taken unless the victim files a personal complaint, Burns said.

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