Jan Lee, Scott Horsfall, Mary Dickinson hope to fill Coleman's council seat through Dec. 31

With the recent retirement of Sandy City Councilor Lois Coleman, the city is on the hunt for a new representative to fulfill the last nine months of her term.

Coleman rendered her retirement as of Feb. 1 after serving the city for 20 years, 10 of them on the Planning Commission and a decade as a city councilor.

"It was the family," she told The Post. "I have a new granddaughter and am planning a big summer trip."

Coleman explained that besides a need and desire to devote more time to her personal life, she also felt it was a good time to transition and get some new blood on the council with large projects like the rebranding initiative and Sandy Community Campus project on the horizon.

"When I commit to do something I give it 100 percent," she added. "I figured it was time to get some fresh ideas in (the council)."

Three people have thrown their hats in the ring to replace Coleman and were interviewed by Council on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Among them were Jan Lee, Scott Horsfall and Mary Dickinson.

Jan Lee

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Jan Lee is a former represenative for House District 51 and attended grade school in Sandy. Lee is a Sandy native, a member of the City of Sandy Budget Committee and a former representative for House District 51. She is currently self-employed in the water and energy resource services and the principal of a consulting firm.

In her application, Lee expressed that she was interested in joining City Council because she "(appreciates) the working knowledge and congeniality among the councilors and staff."

"I would appreciate having the opportunity to work with the council and city staff in structuring the city's future," Lee wrote. "I support the measured growth that is occurring with council guidance and the open process with which the council welcomes the community."

She also detailed how important she feels the act of "building resources" is, listing the Sandy Community Campus project, the arts committee and rebranding initiative as key endeavors to accomplish that goal.

"All of those efforts require carefully planned infrastructure, attention to transportation and acknowledged community support and careful financial oversight," she added. "I would like to be a part of the team that brings these projects to fruition."

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Scott Horsfall owns a small plumbing business in Sandy. Scott Horsfall

In his application, Horsfall, a local small business owner and plumber said he hoped to use his "unique" occupational background meeting people of all walks of life and with "many different views of government, many concerns and even objections," to represent his community as a whole.

"I have enjoyed many calm discussions and found that many people wish they had a voice about how their community ought to be run," Horsfall said. "I would like to offer a calm, logical and reasonable voice in Sandy. I'm interested in learning how city government works, city administration, planning and what ideas can make Sandy an even better place to live, especially as our population swells and needs increase."

Mary Dickinson

Dickinson has served on the city of Sandy budget committee for two terms, worked as a campaign manager and consultant for caregivers and medical professionals and is a practicing registered nurse.

"My goal if selected is to provide learned skills of listening and building bridges to solutions," Dickinson said in her application. "I will as a committee member be able to provide input from a perspective of self-awareness and the willingness to negotiate my position as I see it and to listen to others with respect. My position as a member of the city council is to accept the majority's decision. My direct involvement will enhance better understanding of how the city process works to better the community."

The Post did attend the Tuesday meeting, after the publication deadline of this article. The results will be posted to today, Wednesday.

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