Those running for House District 52, Senate District 26, clerk, commissioner to share platforms

CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS - Rep. Jeff Helfrich (R-Hood River), Anna Williams (D-Hood River), Sen. Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River), Chrissy Reitz (D-Hood River), Commissioner Sonya Fischer, Commissioner Paul Savas, Peter Winter, Sherry Hall (incumbent), Sherry Healy and Pamela White.The primary election is nearly upon us. Ballots are due to arrive in mailboxes soon, so the Citizens for an Informed Electorate, a constituents group on Mount Hood, is planning a candidates night to refresh voters on their options before May 15.

From 9-11 a.m. Saturday, May 5, in the Trees Room at Resort on the Mountain, 68010 E. Fairway Avenue, Welches. Ten candidates will be on hand to give their constituency some background on themselves and answer questions. Candidates running for Senate District 26, House District 52, Clackamas County Clerk and County Commission seats No. 2 and 5 will be present.

"I'm hoping for a good attendance," event co-coordinator Steve Graeper said. "(It's also an) opportunity for the candidates to let people know where they stand, and let the electorate ask the questions they think are important."

The group Citizens for an Informed Electorate was formed to host such events since the mountain communities' former political powerhouse Bob Reeves passed away in 2016.

"I'm just looking for some two-way communication," Graeper noted.

Each candidate will be given three minutes for opening and closing statements, between which moderator John Erickson will pose questions from the audience to the candidates. Each candidate will get two minutes to respond.

For more information, contact Steve Graeper at 503-939-5220.

Candidates attending (listed as pictured above):

House District 52:

Rep. Jeff Helfrich (R-Hood River)

Anna Williams (D-Hood River)

Senate District 26:

Sen. Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River)

Chrissy Reitz (D-Hood River)

Clackamas County Clerk:

Sherry Hall (incumbent)

Sherry Healy

Pamela White

Clackamas County Commission No. 2:

Commissioner Paul Savas

Peter Winter

Clackamas County Commission No. 5:

Commissioner Sonya Fischer

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