Mayoral candidate Stan Pulliam responds after King takes on bathroom-cleaning role

While preparing for their 16th annual picnic on Sunday, Sept. 9, members of the Oregon Trail Democrats found the men's bathroom at Meinig Memorial Park in poor shape and reached out to Mayor Bill King for help. The mayor then contacted multiple members of city staff to address the issue. Finding no one was available, he went to take care of it himself.

"I called just about everyone in my phone, but no one was available, so the job of cleaning the bathroom fell on me," King said with a laugh.

After attending to the facilities, King went home to clean up then went back to the picnic. Clackamas County Commissioner Ken Humberston, upon hearing of Kings gesture of cleanliness, invited him to speak to those in attendance, introducing King.

"If you knew who he's running against, like I do, you would know that we need to get Bill King re-elected," Humberston said.

When asked for comment, King's opposition, fellow Republican Stan Pulliam, told The Post, "I don't know Frank (with the Democrats), but my neighbors know me, and they seem to like my priorities."

"I'm focusing on creating a transportation plan centered on economic development on Main Street and success in a very lucrative tourism industry," Pulliam added. "This just goes to show how out of touch our incumbent mayor is. He's constantly quoted as saying 'My hands are tied,' I'm ready to get my hands dirty and get to work for Sandy."

After Humberston's introduction, King thanked the crowd for appreciation.

"It's what we do in Sandy," he said. "We serve the citizens and get the job done."

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