Sandy receives silver award with only two total time loss injuries in last year

Even with the Sandy Police Department understaffed and in flux, the city of Sandy has been recognized again with a silver medal for safety from Citycounty Insurance Services (CIS).

CIS' safety award is given to cities in recognition of their employee safety records. Silver awards are granted to cities with what it calls a Total Time Loss Index rating of 3.64.

"The award showcases cities that foster employee safety, have a proven track record related to safely operating equipment and machinery, and where management has a clear commitment to a safe work environment," a release from CIS stated. "The city is recognized based on the number of time-loss injuries the city has, and their duration, compared to the number of hours worked in a year."

The award is open to all cities that belong to the League of Oregon Cities. Gold awards went to cities with no work time lost because of on-the-job injuries.

"This year's winning cities also have a strong focus on training," the release added.

City Manager Kim Yamashita said employee safety is a consistent high priority at City Hall.

"This isn't the first year for this award," she noted. "We are extremely conscious of employee safety not just for the benefit of the employee, which is our first concern, but also out of respect for the taxpayer. Workplace injury costs all of us in time and money, in lost wages, lost hours and increases in insurance costs. I am very proud that the city of Sandy staff takes this so seriously. We have a safety committee that is very active and they do a great job."

Sandy was ranked alongside several other neighboring cities, such as Estacada, Fairview, Wood Village, Troutdale and Gresham, and grouped with cities of similar staff sizes (30-79 employees).

"At CIS, we take the safety of our workers' compensation program members seriously," said CIS' Executive Director Lynn McNamara. "The city of Sandy has adopted safe work practices — and makes sure those practices are followed, day in and day out. Their commitment and vigilance produces results: employees stay on the job, and costs stay down."

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