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Funds better spent on events, local businesses than on chamber office overhead

The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce is going mobile. As of 2020, the nonprofit organization won't have its own physical office anymore.

For years the Chamber acted as the hub of business promotion in Sandy at 38979 Pioneer Blvd., but recently the Chamber board of directors decided the overhead spent on the office would be better spent on events and helping local businesses flourish.

"Our lease is coming up soon and we want to change with the times," Executive Director Khrys Jones told The Post. "A lot of chambers are going the way of being mobile."

Jones noted that out of the 32 hours she is meant to work a week, she is required to spend about 12 hours in the office in case any members stop in.

"It has been mostly non-members coming in," Jones explained. "A lot of people were coming in with visitor center questions who I then had to direct to the museum. That only left me with 20 hours a week to get out into the community. Most of my members I meet with at their business. They weren't coming into my office, so a lot of that will stay the same."

Money-wise, the office the Chamber currently rents used to take away about a third of the money the Chamber brings in annually. And, while Jones said "our current landlord is very generous and has done everything he can to ease the financial burden on us," the board sees those dollars would be better spent elsewhere and that not being tied to a physical address will help Jones better serve the business community.

The lack of office space will not affect the events and programming the Chamber does currently, since they are all hosted at area businesses.

"We're actually hoping by doing this it will free me up time to do other events and programs," Jones noted.

Jones will remain in the 38979 Pioneer Blvd. space through the end of this year to honor the lease, and be available by appointment only.

To contact Khrys Jones, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 503-668-4006.

For more information about the Chamber in general, visit

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