1953: Lions bring lifesaving to Sandy area. The Lions Club raised funds and purchased a resuscitator for the community. The state-of-the-art device was used to revive drowning victims and those asphyxiated with carbon monoxide. The machine was kept at the Zigzag Ranger Station.

1963: Come get your X-rays! A mobile chest X-ray unit came to Sandy, offering the service to local residents.

The Jaycettes, who arranged for the service, urged everyone except young children to have a chest X-ray in order to screen for curable cancer.

While this 1963 Post ad invites readers to Meet Joe Ackers, our crack reseach team was not convinced of the mans identity. What we believe is that Vice President Lyndon Johnson (Left) was in fact laying low in Sandy, mere months before Presdient Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.Lyndon B. Johnson

Of course, considering the Roentgen loads involved, paricipants were only allowed one X-ray each.

1973: When Russian “fishermen” were a big deal. The presence of Russian “Fishing Boats” off the Oregon Coast made it into the Sandy Post via its sister paper, The Newport News-Times.

The fleet of ships were fishing for Hake, and if they were worth their Borscht, also eaves dropping on our military traffic here.

1983: All safe after fire. Eighteen people and three dogs were safe after escaping a bus fire that engulfed the entire vehicle.

The Oral Hull Foundation’s 28-passenger bus was returning from a Hawaiian luau event near 178th Avenue and Glisan Street when the fire started. Officials said the fire was likely caused by a broken fuel line.

1993: Let’s play wagon train! To commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the Great Migration west along the Oregon Trail in 1843, tourists and re-enactors alike loaded up covered wagons on the Idaho-Montana border and traveled 15 to 20 miles a day toward the terminus of the trail in Oregon City. The wagon train passed through Sandy along the way.

Wagon Master Jerry Schubert called the trek “uneventful,” other than his suffering a broken pelvis along the trail in Idaho. He later rejoined the train after treatment at a hospital, foregoing the temptation to maintain authenticity by simply wrapping his broken pelvis in a leather strap, having a belt of whiskey and riding the rest of the way in the back of a rattling, bumpy wagon.

2003: No levy required. The Oregon Trail School District decided not to seek a local option levy from voters, citing the need for a majority voter turnout in addition to voter approval. Further, it was unclear how much would be needed and how much the state would allocate. The school board expected a $4.78 billion budget from the state.

2012: A new school is opened. The state-of-the-art, 310,000 square foot Sandy High School became a reality, and Gov. John Kitzhaber showed up to help dedicate the new facility. Oregon Trail School Board Chairman Norm Trost called the new school “absolutely marvelous,” and remarked the school was 100 percent built by citizens. The Sept. 7 grand opening for the school offered tours from 3:30 p.m. until the formal dedication at 6:30, followed by the football team’s first home game of the season.

Compiled from The Post files.

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