Letter writer Carlton Bruce of Sandy says the state government has plenty of money, it's just over spending.

Regarding the article by Paris Achen about the poll results commissioned by the Oregon School Boards Association in the March 15 edition of The Post ("Poll Results: Corporate tax hike should aid schools"): How easy it is to appropriate someone else's money and give it to someone else, such as the state.

      The corporate tax or the Oregon tax kicker is someone else's money.

I was in small business in Oregon from 1996 until 2012 when I retired. I was never so happy to be out of business from the state in my life. The business taxes and fees increased in some cases 500 percent. In some businesses a 3 percent profit can beat the competition and the increase of 2.5 percent can put some out of business. Corporations are paying their fair share of taxes now. They are employing people who in turn pay taxes.

As far as the kicker, it's a state law that the excess of past year's taxes be returned to the taxpayers. Again, It's not the state's money. The

money should be distributed to the taxpayers. It would be their money to use as they wish. The individual taxpayer could donate their kicker to whatever school they choose and benefit with an income tax deduction. Some people may need their money for necessary expenditures.

The article says that there is a $1.6 billion revenue gap. The gap is only due to the budget being increased by $3.2 billion over the previous year. It was reported that taxpayers over paid taxes of 2016 by $1.6 billion.

The gap is not due to the lack of money, but increased state spending.

Carlton Bruce, Sandy

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