Letter writer Andrew Collin is shocked and disappointed to learn Sandy High School's Future Farmers of America are still relying on donkey basketball as a fundraiser.

It has come to my attention, through a flyer delivered along with my Sandy Post, that Sandy High School's Future Farmers of America (FFA) is sponsoring donkey basketball on Friday, April 13.

I can only assume that this is an attempt to raise funds for their organization. What can these people be thinking? This event is an outrage and an insult to those people who are their supporters and who are concerned about reasonable treatment for animals.

Outrageous because by allowing this event to take place, the administrators, faculty and organizers of this insanity are encouraging Oregon Trail's student body to mistreat animals and insulting because the organizers believe that the supporters of Oregon Trail schools would find this moronic stunt the least bit entertaining.

How ironic that this portion of the student body — the Future Farmers of America — would encourage and benefit from such a display.

One day some of the Sandy FFA may be responsible for the ethical treatment of livestock. This event is beyond ridiculous — it is offensive, anti-education and just plain wrong.

I recommend anyone interested do a google search for "donkey basketball and animal abuse."

I have written to Superintendent Aaron Bayer, Communications Director Julia Monteith, Student Services Director Katie Schweitzer, Teaching & Learning Director Tim Werner, and FFA Adviser Trisha Dunn-Smith who would govern this matter.

At the time of the writing this letter, they have all remained silent. Aside from the distressing nature of the event, I am also upset that those people charged with maintaining an open and honest exchange with the community have apparently ignored my concerns.

Andrew Collin


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