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Letter writer Adrian Marshall of Sandy is critical of the 'media' for what he describes as its failure to cover pro-Second Amendment rallies in Oregon.

I find it very telling that the "media" is more than willing to show stories and videos from anti-gun rallies and totally ignores those of us who fully support the second amendment.

(There have been) several rallies around the state and I have yet to find one article or news story covering any of them, but the so-called "defenders of free speech" conveniently ignore the rest of us.

On to it.

There is no such thing as an "assault rifle." There is a rifle, a shotgun, a pistol, any and all of which can be classed as assault weapons. The term is a political term and designed to instill fear into an ignorant populace. A hammer, or even an ink pen, can be considered an assault weapon. Banning large capacity magazine semi autos only limits the lawful citizen and will contribute to their inability to protect themselves by criminals who have an intent to harm us.

Criminals do not buy guns legally. They buy them from other criminals or steal them.

Restrictions to our rights, as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution, empower criminals and in effect take away our power to protect ourselves.

I have nothing but respect for law enforcement, but they cannot protect us as some would have folks believe. They come and pick up the pieces and then try to figure out who did what, but the damage is done then. Someone has been injured or killed because they did not have the capacity or knowledge on how to protect themselves. Law enforcement is not large enough to protect us all the time, and should not be. We have a responsibility to protect ourselves. These idealistic precepts that removing semi-autos is a positive step is woefully narrow minded and only harms us in the end.

One need only look at those places where crime is rampant to see that they also have the most stringent gun-control laws as well.

Adrian Marshall, Sandy, Ore.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Days before receiving this letter from Adrian Marshall, Post Reporter Brittany Allen had made plans to cover a pro-Second Amendment rally on Saturday, April 21, in downtown Sandy. Brittany spent part of her weekend covering this event, in part because we covered an earlier event where people called for tighter rules on gun ownership. On Monday morning, April 23, the letter from Marshall was waiting in my email inbox. I attempted to contact Marshall via reply email, an effort to explain that we had covered the event over the weekend. There was no reply to my email. The Post always strives for fairness and balance. We are always willing to listen to all sides. And we do strive to defend free speech — even if some people don't like to read what other people are saying. The irony of this situation is, Marshall's letter condemning the media — which includes The Post — appears in the same edition as coverage of the pro-Second Amenedment rally. The story is also posted on our website, Facebook page and Twitter.

— Steve Brown, publisher, The Post, the Outlook, Estacada News

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