The Post congratulates Sandy's Mayor-elect Stan Pulliam. We're eager to see what he can accomplish while serving in the city's highest elected office.

STAN PULLIAMOur congratulations to Mayor-elect Stan Pulliam, who surprised everyone when he filed as a candidate for Sandy's top elected position in June, and emerged five months later as the winner in the Nov. 6 general election.

The Post did not endorse Pulliam in this election, but instead put its support behind incumbent Mayor Bill King. We've appreciated King's leadership of this rapidly growing city over the last eight years. Under King's leadership, the city government is staffed by highly capable professionals and city services are delivered with reliability. As mayor, King has been rooted in substance rather than sound bites; more committed to service than to political posturing.

Those qualities that are hard to come by these days.

Thanks, Bill. We'll miss you.

While The Post did not endorse Pulliam, we're happy now to lend him our support as he begins this new adventure. We're eager to see what he can accomplish as mayor.

Pulliam's energy level and his ambition are notable. And that's going to come in handy, because Sandy faces enormous challenges in the months and years ahead.

First off, anyone who has driven through Sandy on a Sunday afternoon in the summer months knows how bad the traffic gets. Our city government needs to be out front looking for long-term solutions to traffic congestion on Highway 26 as it cuts a path through town, which only gets worse from here.

And of course, we all know Sandy is among the fastest-growing communities in the state. That's not likely to slow down. With growth comes all sorts of obstacles — more traffic, more crime, more potholes in streets and increased demand for water.

The city of Sandy also is looking into options for redevelopment of the Sandy Community Campus, which includes the Olin Y. Bignall Aquatic Center, the former middle school and the adjacent athletics fields. An astronomical price tag of $72 million has been attached to the entire wish list. Determining the scope of the project and the funding strategy will be time consuming and complicated.

One of the first things Pulliam intends to do as mayor is start the process of crafting a strategic plan for Sandy. We agree that Sandy is past due in setting a firm path forward. If nothing else, it should be an interesting process of envisioning what Sandy might look like in another 40 years.

One word of advice for Pulliam: During the campaign, there were some who argued that you don't fully understand the limitations of the office of mayor. We don't want you to shy away from tackling this job head on, but we do urge you to approach this new role with humility. You are surrounded by smart city councilors and paid city staff. Listen to them. Take their advice. And be careful to avoid stepping beyond your authority.

With that said, we offer our sincere congratulations to Mayor-elect Stan Pulliam. We're confident that our city is in good hands.

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