The letter writer defends Sen. Chuck Thomsen, R-Hood River, for walking out of the legislative session, saying Democratic lawmakers were attempting to circumvent the will of Oregon's voters on climate change policy.

The letter from Eli Bliss is so wrong as to be fiction and fantasy when he said Sen. Chuck Thomsen, R-Hood River, failed in his duties and oath.

Thomsen was fullfilling his duties to the majority of his constituents who are, for the most part, rural residents, not liberals from the Portland metro area.

Thomsen "walked" so as to avoid being railroaded and forced to vote on a bill that "the people" have voted down in the past. He walked to prevent the liberal Democrat's to shove legislation down the throats of the people, period.

If you want to complain about a politician who has violated their oath of office, look no further than Gov. Kate Brown who in the midst of a virus outbreak declared herself emergency powers and then signed that legislation into law by executive order. Apparently, Bliss has no problem being told what to do and that citizens voting on measures aren't important.

Personally, I support Thomsen for walking, as do the vast majority of people I call friends and acquaintances.

Funny how those funding the recall are from Portland and not even in Thomsen's district.

I'm 68 and I don't even recognize Oregon any more. It has become a cess pool of insanity. Tom McCall and Bob Straub would be horrified to see what Oregon has become.

Eric Blatter


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