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Topics include: Rep. Zach Hudson for House District 49; Gresham City Council candidates Eddy Morales, Mario Palmero, Amanda Orozco-Beach; Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk; Walt Trandum for House District 51; Darcy Long for House District 52; and Sonya Fischer for Clackamas County Commissioner.

Rep. Hudson produces results in Legislature

Homelessness is a crisis in East Multnomah County, the Portland area, and across Oregon. Rep. Zach Hudson, D-Troutdale, did something about it.

Hudson successfully earmarked $2.9 million in state funding this year for a work force development hub to be located right here in East County.

The hub will train unsheltered people for the jobs they need to secure housing, and also provide much-needed services to these vulnerable neighbors.

The nonprofit Cultivate Initiatives will run the hub. Cultivate has done a lot of good in our community, from operating warming shelters at Reynolds High School to using unhoused staffers to help clean county roads in Wood Village, Troutdale, Fairview, Gresham and East Portland.

Rep. Hudson is a quiet, humble leader. But he gets things done—especially on issues like homelessness, public education, food security, and affordable housing that so many people out here in East County care about. Please consider giving him your vote in the Nov. 8 election.

Wendy Lawton


Editor's Note: The letter by Wendy Lawton is a reprint. There was a design error when it first published on Oct. 11. The Outlook regrets the earlier mistake.

Local 1062 Gresham endorses Eddy Morales

In a world of attack ads, half truths and misrepresented data it is hard to clearly see the issues and what Morales brings to Gresham City Council. All you have to do is look at what Councilor Morales has done to see how he makes our city better.

His time on council shows he…:

• Fully supports public safety including fire and police and has voted to support more funding than any other council.

• Advocates for more transparency for budget processes to identify the lack of funding the city is facing.

• Supported bringing on consultants to identify funding gaps and solutions for police and fire.

• Has worked with local, state and federal partners to use the power of collaboration to bring resources to a city that truly needs it.

• Works to collaborate with all of the council to make tough decisions in order to move the city forward with solutions when previous councils have not.

The firefighters continue to show up for our residents in the face of dangers, despite having facilities and conditions under the standards required. Morales has always offered to meet with all departments facing challenges to understand and push for improvements.

In one previous election long ago we had not endorsed him and we are not making this mistake, as he still fought for solutions like none other. Morales doesn't determine solutions by consulting his endorsers or largest contributors to see what they want. He focuses solutions on the best interest of those who are most affected.

Gresham is in financial trouble. We need a councilor who has and will continue to show up for Gresham and move the city forward when Gresham needs help. Gresham needs someone to question, collaborate, and give real solutions. Gresham needs Eddy Morales.

Kevin Larsen

President, Local 1062 Gresham

Return Palmero to Gresham council

If you haven't listened to the neighborhood coalition forum, I hope you will before casting your vote. Mario Palmero must not be replaced by Jerry Hinton. Be warned about the misrepresentation and desperate efforts by Hinton who is running against Mario Palmero.

If you are a Democrat and a voter, please know that Hinton refers to Democrats as people who want to defund the police. He used to be known as a moderate voice on council, but now he is extreme right.

His rhetoric has been hateful and divisive throughout this campaign. While he criticized this council's actions, he endorses Janine Gladfelter who states she is proud of this work. He wants it back to the "old days" when no councilor bothered to learn about topics, they just did what the mayor told them to do.

Hinton is an extremist from his anti-choice on women's issues to believing it's all about family values. He is out of touch with the diversity of Gresham and any movement toward the future. His campaign page shows Carla Piluso and Shirley Craddick standing with him as though they support him. They do not, nor do I. Councilor Mario Palmero is kind and represents all of us.

Nathan Larison


Elect Catherine McMullen Clackamas County Clerk

I have lived in Clackamas County for over thirty years, and for many of those years have been appalled by the fumbling and bumbling mistakes of our current county clerk. From misprinted ballots to incorrect instructions to voters to outright ballot fraud in her office — and many other errors — she has embarrassed the entire county locally and nationally, and has cost us, the taxpayers, hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of her failures. She must go.

We need to do better, and we can. "Better" in this case means electing Catherine McMullen.

McMullen has the integrity needed for this office, having worked towards increasing voting access for all qualified voters in her current job. McMullen also worked to create and develop the award-winning Voter Education and Outreach Program in Multnomah County.

McMullen has the experience needed. She is a senior program specialist for the Multnomah County Elections Division, and has been an elections administrator for seven years.

McMullen has the education — a Master's degree in Public Administration, and as a Certified Elections Administrator — to lead the Clackamas County Clerk's office.

We cannot afford the present clerk and her ongoing blunders. Please vote for fair and secure elections in Clackamas County. Vote for Catherine McMullen.

Len Otto


Morales leads for the future, not past

I've lived in this area my entire life. I always felt like there was nothing that Gresham had to offer that outlying areas didn't do better.

When I moved into the city itself, I saw the convenience to the Saturday market, the Springwater Trail, and the proximity to great things. I love that I can get on the MAX or take an Uber, spend the day on Mount Hood or go to the Sandy River.

I'll never forget meeting Eddy Morales at the food carts one evening. I was pleased that Eddy would consider the thankless job of Gresham government. He is down to earth and friendly, and his passion shines through. He understands most of the people who live here better than the majority of the past leadership. He takes time to connect with everyone, even people like me.

I immediately felt a connection to him. He's from a big family like I am. And his husband grew up here. He spent years of his childhood here and worked at the Police Activities League in Rockwood.

Eddy's Hispanic roots have brought a perfect perspective to our city along with diverse life experiences and ideas for Gresham's future. This region is growing and his opponent might represent the Gresham of the past, but not what Gresham needs for the future.

Eddy wants to hear from the community and he's the person who will value everyone, whoever they are.

For years when I worked at the Gresham Farmers market he's the only council member I saw supporting us regularly.. He always had many people waiting to talk to him, and he made time for each and every one of them.

I hope you join me and my family in voting for Eddy Morales for Gresham City Council.

Ana Linden


Don't listen to fear-mongering

As a tax-paying, concerned resident of Gresham, I urge my neighbors to vote for Eddy Morales (Position 2), Mario Palmero (Position 4), and Amanda Orozco-Beach (Position 6) for Gresham City Council.

Their three opponents are attempting to paint Gresham as an apocalyptic den of lawlessness and rampant crime, when in reality they're just exploiting understandable (yet evergreen, not new) concerns over public safety as a backdoor issue to impose right-wing social control in our beautiful, diverse city.

Morales, Palmero and Orozco-Beach all have proven records in not only addressing public safety, but also other, equally important community concerns: Affordable housing, quality public education, preservation of parks and green spaces, economic development and promotion of small business, and much more.

Please, neighbors: Don't give in to fear-mongering and trite soundbites. Vote for the substantive, experienced candidates Morales, Palmero and Orozco-Beach for Gresham City Council.

Christian Burgess


Trandum advocates for voters, not money

I've been a neighbor of Walt Trandum for over 20 years and I must say, he's a serious boy when it comes to getting money out of politics. As a hands-on, grassroots political activist, he has been directly involved in numerous local Legislative campaigns over the past two decades. He knows what he's talking about.

Most people understand that money in politics is a huge problem, but few think anything can be done about it. My neighbor is the exception. He not only believes something can be done about it he is actually offering us an alternative in this November's election. The way things are going now, if something isn't done about this problem soon, we risk losing everything we hold dear.

Walt's idea is simple enough. We use the power of our votes and just vote the outside money out of our politics. All we need is to be offered that choice, and that's exactly what Walt Trandum's campaign for state representative in Oregon's House District 51 is all about.

Barbara Otto


Elect Darcy Long to House District 52

Darcy Long is the only candidate for House District 52 committed to adequate funding for healthcare—including mental health care—for rural Oregonians. As a clinical psychologist, I'm acutely aware of the impact mental illness has on struggling families, especially when they cannot access the level of care they need. Darcy understands the devastating relationship between inadequate mental health services and homelessness in rural areas. She also has the background and expertise to make a difference on this issue.

As a city councilor in The Dalles, she worked with a diverse set of stakeholders to build a transition shelter village. Having raised a son with autism, Darcy knows firsthand the critical need in our district for greater access to mental health services.

Beyond specific issues, Darcy has the character and personal qualities to make an excellent legislator. She can listen compassionately to the concerns of all citizens across the political spectrum who make up our unique house district.

She will respond to the interests of all of us, not just those who vote for her. She also has the wisdom to engage in the give-and-take of the legislative process and to work collaboratively with all her colleagues. A vote for Darcy will be a vote for integrity, transparency, commitment, and approachability in representing the people of House District 52.

John F Christensen


Reelect Fischer to Clackamas Commission

When Sonya Fischer was a new Clackamas County commissioner, she met me on Mount Hood and I was able to show her the work we've done at Barlow Wayside Park for stream restoration, aimed at bringing the salmon habitat back to the waterway. Ever since then, I have appreciated how she remains concerned about making sure we protect our natural landscapes.

I also know firsthand how she thinks thoughtfully about forest management and protection. She is endorsed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters; an organization I know we respect in Clackamas County.

She reaches out with very good questions, and I am happy to be able to support her in her work as a county commissioner. She is a strong environment advocate, and we need her reelected to the Clackamas County Commission. Vote for Sonya Fischer by Nov. 8.

Mitch Williams


Concern, respect, loyalty build a better tomorrow

Among the primary causes for worker/employee shortages are racism and disrespect by employers. Employers and business owners appear to know little to nothing about human relations and accommodations and flexibilities.

Employers who thumb their noses at customers, clients, employees, etc. do not deserve public trust or funds or perks.

Employers, business owners and management personnel too often allow for, encourage and support racism and discrimination; and lack the human skills and nuances that lead to sustainability in today's world.

Lofty principles, respect, loyalty, appreciation, concern, involvement are some of the values that can lead toward a better and less-stressful tomorrow for all.

Lulu Stroud


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