Lori Ryland expresses creativity with photos printed on aluminum

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: LORI RYLAND - This wide-angle photo of the Fremont Bridge in Portland, called Fremont in the Dirt, is printed on aluminum, and is part of Sandy artist Lori Rylands body of work titled Bridges to Portlandia. Ryland has four large photos on aluminum in a juried exhibit in the Gresham Visual Arts Gallery until Oct. 3.Sandy artist Lori Ryland has been creating a body of photographic work she has affectionately called “Bridges to Portlandia.”

Several pieces from that group of large photographs are on display in a juried art exhibit inside the Gresham Visual Arts Gallery until Oct. 3.

The gallery is at Gresham City Hall, 1333 Eastman Parkway, and is called “Flights of Fancy.

It includes images of objects that are normally airborne from 16 other artists whose work spans the scale from ink and pastel on a dictionary page to oil or acrylic on canvas to fused glass to enamel on glass to prints on canvas to colored pens, pencils and markers to digital photography to watercolor and several large photos.

Ryland’s creativity in her renditions of local bridges is seen in the photo on this page. She used a lens with a 180-degree field of vision, giving a 3-D effect in a two-dimensional presentation.

Ryland describes her work with the bridges as “photographic portraits of steel structures, printed on aluminum.”

In this work, she attempts to capture images that represent what Portlanders see in 3-D with their eyes — portraits with width, height and depth.

But the views are from perspectives not imagined by most bridge-crossers.

“I am interested in capturing the vivid saturated colors,” she said, “that many people do not associate with our Portland Urban Bridge Landscape.”

Ryland says she “plays with the elasticity of the steel structures.”

And while photographing those bridges, she is always taken by their movement — the way bridges dance to the pulse of the people crossing the river.

“I feel really honored to have four large pieces selected for this show,” she said. “This show is in a really nice exhibition space. Everyone who likes art should stop by.”

For information, visit or call Ryland at 503-313-7464.

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