Advisory classes show initiative with charitable community service project

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Students from Carella's advisory class assembled the boxes for receiving donations in the school.In advisory classes at Sandy High School, teachers aim to not only orient their students to class schedules and prepare them for life after school, but to aid in their development into well-rounded adults.

Recently, the students in advisory classes taught by Sandi Carter, Chris Meyers and Philip Carella opted to spend their community service hours in collaboration, collecting winter clothes, hygiene products, means of shelter, such as tents, and food for local families.

"The whole point of advisory is to kind of give the kids some ownership in their community service," said Carter.

For the next few weeks leading up to Thursday, Dec. 14, the students will work to market their drive, collect items and spend time at the Sandy Community Action Center to help sort and stock the items they donate.

"I'm really looking forward to not only collecting, but to giving back to those who are less fortunate," sophomore Ami Minor explained. "I come from a very fortunate family."

Minor is no stranger to community service. She completes self-assigned projects like this every year, but she is excited to collaborate with her classmates to give back.

"I really love how we're able to reach out to those need it," sophomore Amanda Hansen said.

Both young women acknowledged that though the purpose of their project is to help people outside of Sandy High School, they and their classmates still stand to benefit from the experience.

"It doesn't just affect them, it affects us," Hansen said. "It helps us, not just them, to be self-reliant. It helps us to develop the skills we need for our lives."

"Being able to help here, where I'm from, I think will make a huge impact on how our school sees the issues," Minor added.

Minor and Hansen hope that their work will better inform their peers of the problems they may otherwise be unaware of and also serve as a reminder to the larger Sandy community. Hansen's father, a local dentist, is among those already involved with the cause. He will donate toothbrushes for hygiene kits.

"I hope people address this issue," Hansen noted. "It's hard to do these things on our own. With this (project), it provides us with an opportunity to help those we need to."

"I think it's awesome that as a class and a school we're giving back," Minor added. "I feel like as high schoolers we don't always know how to give back, but with things like this we can learn ... how we can benefit those around us."

Anyone interested in donating items to the advisory classes' efforts can call the school office at 503-668-8011.

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