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Fun is 'gateway to summer' at Llewellyn Carnival

July 06, 2018 The Bee - Features David F. Ashton
Westmoreland's elementary school always finds a way to set the stage for summertime

Wilhelm's Portland Memorial Mausoleum: Westmoreland's hidden gem

July 06, 2018 The Bee - Features Dana Beck
A mausoleum as a museum? Well, yes, Westmoreland has one of those -- over 100 years old

Sustainable Life

6,000 dunk in Willamette River for the 'Big Float 8'

July 17, 2018 Zane Sparling
Human Access Project urges residents to take a dip on Saturday, July 14 at Poet's Beach.

EARTHTALK: Pesticide Drift Takes Its Toll

July 16, 2018 Lindsay Blomberg, EarthTalk
Dear EarthTalk: As a member of Joe Public, is it possible to monitor pesticide levels when my neighboring farmer sprays his fields? I have wild bees and am concerned that they are being affected.- Mickey Proctor, Ames, Iowa

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