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This article brought to you by Stan Robinson, owner of Pacific West Roofing, Insider Roofing Expert.

Stan Robinson

Your roof is the part of your house that gets the most direct sunlight, if it isn't shaded. If you want to cut down utility costs, it's critical to have one that's energy efficient.

When people are choosing a new roof, the main concern is how it looks. Of course that's important. But don't you want one that can save you money, too?

Metal roofs can do that.

Metal roofs do have a high upfront cost, higher than traditional asphalt. But you are buying something with long lasting value. A metal roof lasts anywhere between 40-70 years while an asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 years. Metal roofs are also low maintenance, which factors into upfront costs. A home with a metal roof can save up to 40% on summer cooling energy costs. Because it can be coated, the roof reflects sunlight, rather than emitting it as heat into your attic.

Metal roofs are eco-friendly. Comprised of 30 to 60 percent

recycled materials, they can be recycled after use.

Metal roofing comes in panel or shingle form, and different colors to go well with most styles of modern or rustic architecture.

An experienced roofer like Pacific West Roofing uses the most eco-friendly and long-lasting materials for installing new roofs. Start the conversation on how to make your roof, and your home, as energy efficient as possible.

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