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Just a few short years ago we were all worried about Y2K. We were preparing for the millennium and had concerns if the people and computers would all survive. To everyone's surprise, life went on.

Along comes September 11th, and it seemed life was so uncertain. The United States was under attack as were many countries around the World. To everyone's surprise, life went on. In the ensuing years, we have had more mass killings, wars, terror attacks (both completed and foiled) than the world could have imagined. To everyone's surprise, life went on.

Here we are at today, dealing with increasingly greater levels of intolerance, hate crimes, people unwilling to have empathy and compassion for their fellow man. In addition to the pollution of our minds, we are also enduring changes in the environment such as global warming, increased and increasing legal pollution in our water, air, and soil. On top of all the other long-term debilitating issues, we now have a government that has gone from dysfunctional to toxic. I am beginning to think that to no one's surprise, life may not go on — or at the very least, drastic changes need to occur.

This is not a time when people should take sides, argue, and fight. This is a time when everyone should take a step back, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate the core values that are important not just to ourselves but to all humanity. At that time, we can dig in and work to pull our country and world back together. If we can do that ... to everyone's surprise, life will go on.

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