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Brought to you by Diana Harrison, Financial Investment Team - FINANCIAL INSIDER

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In the financial industry there are and always have been good and bad actors. Some bad actors make the front page of the paper while others are either not discovered or their level of fraud does not rise to that level.

So, how can you know who is a good person or firm to do business with and who you should trust? The best way is to make sure your advisor is a fiduciary; not just says they are a fiduciary.

ASK QUESTIONS: Do they work on commission or are they fee based? Are they always trying to sell you the newest product instead of offering you planning, education, and knowledge for what you already pay?

Fiduciaries are in the game with you. They put you and your well-being and investing above their own. They do not over charge or try to sell you products and services that you do not need. They respond to your questions with knowledgeable answers. They do not put you off or try to get out of answering by making you feel like the question is not worthy.

Fiduciaries understand that at the end of the day they work for you. Therefore, your questions, concerns, and financial needs matter. So, before investing, be sure you have not just asked "are you a fiduciary," but ask about fees and what you get for those fees. Ask if they primarily sell product or help you meet your goals. Do they have advanced degrees or certifications that mean they have invested time and effort into serving you better? Take the time to know!

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