Tigard High School's sports fields are featured in a new prom-themed advertisement by Nike Football. The ad was released on Twitter on Friday.A new commercial by Nike Football is showing off Tigard's tender side.

On Friday, a new advertisement posted on twitter account appeared to show a student at Tigard High School

The 17 second ad depicts an unnamed football player practicing outside of Tigard High School. His cleats cut a message into the turf asking someone to go to prom with him.

"The biggest dates aren't always on the schedule," the advertisement read.

Although showcasing a football player, the advertisement was shot outside the school's baseball field.

The ad was launched just as students across the country are preparing for prom. Tigard High School's prom is set for tomorrow, May 16.

This isn't the first time that Nike and Tigard High School have worked together.

Ralph Greene, the vice president for business development at Nike Football, is a volunteer coach at Tigard High, and the apparel giant has had a longstanding relationship with the school as a sponsor.

Last year, Nike Football launched a pilot program at four high schools across the country — including Tigard High — to boost player performance through special training exercises.

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