This week's calls for service include: a hotel breakfast for car-sleepers, a raging bicyclist and a graffiti spree.


The Tigard Police Department reported the following arrests from July 25 to July 31: assault (4), driving under the influence of intoxicants (1), drug offense (4), forgery (1), fraud (1), theft (3), warrant (4).

Monday, July 31

• After sleeping overnight in their car in the parking lot of Embassy Suites, 9000 S.W. Washington Square Road, a man and woman came into the hotel and ate breakfast.

• As he walked along Sattler Street near 92nd Avenue, a man appeared to be looking over fences.

• Someone said an "aggressive" man screamed obscenities at them as they rode a bicycle through Summerlake Park, 11450 S.W. Winterlake Drive.

• A woman outside Windfall Deli, 13815 S.W. Pacific Hwy., was yelling so much a person who reported her to police was thinking of macing her.

• When they refused to give him a pen, someone reported, a homeless man in the 11200 block of 72nd Avenue threatened to steal all of their stuff.

• A husky was seen inside a vehicle in the 9300 block of Washington Square Road with the windows partially open.

Sunday, July 30

• Two men allegedly drank and were "causing a problem" in the parking lot of Mr. Hookah, 13075 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A man allegedly tried to break into vehicles in the 11100 block of Greenburg Road.

• A man suspecting he had witnessed a theft reported seeing a woman run out of Lowe's, 12615 S.W. 72nd Ave., as an alarm sounded.

Saturday, July 29

• A drunken man walking around at Extended Stay America, 13009 S.W. 68th Pkwy., allegedly threatened an employee.

• Two people reportedly got into a "very verbal" fight in the 10700 block of 69th Avenue.

• Two poodles were seen in a car with its windows barely open outside Walmart, 7600 S.W. Dartmouth St.

• A resident of the 11500 block of 92nd Avenue reported that a solicitor came to his door claiming to be raising money for a charity.

• A man, pregnant woman and child sat on a curb in the 8800 block of Commercial Street, appearing to one person to be "out of place."

Friday, July 28

• After being asked to leave Bannings Restaurant & Pie House, 11477 S.W. Pacific Hwy., a man allegedly went outside and started banging on the windows.

• Someone apparently drove "all over" on the baseball fields at Cook Park, 17005 S.W. 92nd Ave.

• The lights on a gazebo in the 8200 block of Langtree Street were damaged.

• Someone cut the lock on storage units at Safeguard Mini Storage, 10585 S.W. Greenburg Road, and stole items from inside.

• A man said he had been assaulted in the 9600 block of McKenzie Street.

• Items were stolen from a vehicle and its license plates taken in the 10900 block of Garden Park Place.

• The sliding glass door of a residence in the 12500 block of Karen Street was broken. A resident suspected the movers he hired were to blame.

• Someone said a man pulled a knife on him in the 9400 block of Maplewood Drive.

• Dogs were seen inside a vehicle with the windows barely cracked in the 16000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

• A man and two women were allegedly involved in a disturbance in the area of Grant Avenue and Johnson Street.

• A man went through the neighborhood in the area of Greenfield Drive and Gaarde Street, knocking on doors and apparently trying to sell something.

• People allegedly lit "warming fires" in a field in the 13400 block of 154th Avenue. This has been an ongoing issue.

Thursday, July 27

• Despite being asked to leave the premises, a man was observed to be sitting in his car outside Holiday Inn, 15700 S.W. Upper Boones Ferry Road.

• A man allegedly struck a vehicle with his hand in the 12100 block of Scholls Ferry Road.

• A woman said she was being subjected to ongoing harassment in the 9000 block of Gravenstein Lane.

• A woman said a man got out of the car in front of her, pounded on her window and yelled at her, and then got back into his vehicle on Pacific Highway at the Hall Boulevard intersection.

• A "scruffy-looking" man allegedly trespassed in the 7700 block of Pfaffle Street.

• The banner and signs went missing at Heritage Crossing, 8573 S.W. Schmidt Loop.

• A man who appeared to be intoxicated was seen standing on the side of Highway 217 near the Pacific Highway exit, waving his hands around.

• Someone rifled through an unlocked vehicle in the 8300 block of Fanno Creek Drive.

• A boy told his mother a strange man looked in his bedroom window before running off through the front yard in the 12100 block of 92nd Avenue.

• Someone complained of "young people" making obscene gestures and following them through the Nordstrom parking lot, 9585 S.W. Washington Square Road.

Wednesday, July 26

• A man reported hearing "dying deer sounds" in the bushes in the 10900 block of Durham Road. He suspected a deer had been attacked by a cougar.

• A dog barked and yelped in the 7700 block of Pfaffle Street.

• A man was seen walking back and forth near the intersection of Reiling Street and 88th Avenue.

• A towable light tower was reported missing from United Rentals, 14020 S.W. 72nd Ave.

• A duck was hit by a car in the 10300 block of Nimbus Avenue.

• A dog was "aggressively barking" at a woman concerned about it being locked in a car with the window partially down in the 13500 block of Pacific Highway. When its owner arrived, the woman said, she "screamed verbal abuse" at her before leaving.

• A dog was seen inside a vehicle outside Dollar Tree, 11945 S.W. Pacific Hwy., with its windows rolled up.

• Teenagers allegedly jumped the fence at River Terrace Northwest Swim Center, 17390 S.W. Sabrina Ave., to get into the pool area.

• Two dogs in a vehicle with its windows cracked were seen panting in the 15900 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A dog was "really panting" inside a convertible with its top up and the windows just cracked in the 14000 block of Pacific Highway.

• A woman said her ex-husband kept knocking on her door and calling her in the 10900 block of Springwood Drive.

• After she locked up at Ballroom Dance Co., 8900 S.W. Commercial St., a woman reported that a man kept trying the door despite her motioning for him to go away.

• A man repeatedly rang a doorbell in the 10700 block of Garden Park Place.

Tuesday, July 25

• Vandalism was reported at Eye Health Northwest, 15298 S.W. Royalty Pkwy. This has been an ongoing issue.

• A hostile visitor was throwing things in the reception area at the Oregon State Bar, 16037 S.W. Upper Boones Ferry Road.

• A bicyclist was attacked by a dog in the 15600 block of Greenfield Drive.

• Someone reported electronic harassment and threats in the 6600 block of Hampton Street.

• A vacant house was broken into in the 13600 block of Ash Avenue.

• A "very angry" man threw his bicycle into the street at the intersection of Gaarde Street and Pacific Highway, then ran into traffic to retrieve it.

• Someone reported that a neighbor had been bullying their grandson in the 10400 block of McDonald Street.

• A woman who appeared to be high on drugs allegedly threatened someone in the 11800 block of 91st Avenue.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following from July 25 to July 31: 809 calls for service, 12 traffic crashes and nine arrests.

Monday, July 31

• A Tualatin man was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon in a public building at the Tualatin Public Library, 18878 S.W. Martinazzi Ave., after he was allegedly found with the weapon while intoxicated.

Sunday, July 30

• A Tualatin woman was cited for animal neglect in the 7700 block of Nyberg Street after someone apparently broke her car window to "rescue" a dog from inside the vehicle.

• An automobile was reported stolen from a driveway in the 20300 block of 70th Avenue.

Saturday, July 29

• A Tualatin man was arrested for burglary after he allegedly broke into the maintenance house at the former RV Park of Portland, 6645 S.W. Nyberg Lane, and stole items from within.

• More than $500 in items were stolen from a vehicle in the 13000 block of Herman Road.

• A bicycle in the 20900 block of 84th Avenue was stolen.

• Several pairs of Beats headphones were stolen from the Apple Store, 7293 S.W. Bridgeport Road. This has been an ongoing problem.

• $576 in items were stolen from Best Buy, 7041 S.W. Nyberg St.

Friday, June 28

• Someone threw a rock into the windshield of a parked vehicle at the intersection of Avery Street and Martinazzi Avenue.

• A vehicle in the 8300 block of Mohawk Street was damaged.

• A Newberg man was arrested for physical harassment in the 18400 block of Boones Ferry Road.

• Two items were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 9600 block of Herman Road.

Thursday, July 27

• Two people were told to leave and not return to Donut Land, 19350 S.W. Boones Ferry Road.

• An employee at Starbucks, 17771 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Road, reported finding a loaded handgun magazine in the cafe.

• An automobile was reported stolen from Nasoma Lane near Boones Ferry Road.

• A Tualatin woman was arrested for failure to perform the duties of a driver in the 5700 block of Joshua Street after she allegedly struck and damaged a parked vehicle and then left the scene without providing any information as required by law.

• Someone spray-painted graffiti on the side of Lakeside Deli, 8294 S.W. Nyberg St., in an incident believed to be gang-related and connected to other acts of graffiti vandalism throughout the city.

Wednesday, July 26

• The lock on a mailbox in the 17000 block of Arkenstone Drive was damaged.

• A diner at Claim Jumper, 18000 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Road, reportedly left without paying their $63 bill.

• A woman allegedly walked out of Dick's Sporting Goods, 17799 S.W. Lower Boones Ferry Road, with a golf bag full of golf clubs, merchandise collectively valued at $2,050.

• Two apartment buildings at Arya at Hedges Creek, 8900 S.W. Sweek Dr., were tagged with graffiti.

• A Beaverton man was arrested for a parole violation in the 8500 block of Tualatin Road after he was allegedly found in a vehicle with someone with whom he was not supposed to be in contact.

Tuesday, July 25

• Someone spray-painted a concrete wall in the 7500 block of Nyberg Street.

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