This week's calls for service include: a heavily used crosswalk, pot in a car and a repeat robber.


The Tigard Police Department reported the following arrests from Aug. 1 to Aug. 7: assault (5), criminal trespass (1), driving under the influence of intoxicants (2), drug (6), forgery (1), fraud (1), hit and run (1), theft (5), warrant (5).

Monday, Aug. 7

• A man was seen spray-painting a sport utility vehicle in the parking lot of OfficeMax, 7255 S.W. Dartmouth St. A witness was unsure whether the vehicle belonged to him or not.

• Someone suspected a man with a box who was "opening things" in the 11800 block of 91st Avenue "definitely isn't supposed to be there."

• A pit bull was found in the area of Hill and Omara streets.

• A tire was slashed in the 10600 block of Garden Park Place.

• Stereo equipment was stolen from a vehicle in the 12500 block of North Dakota Street.

• A woman continually activated the pedestrian crossing light at 116th Avenue and Walnut Street and crossed back and forth for about 45 minutes, talking to herself.

• A bus rider in the area of Main and Commercial streets reportedly talked to himself about shooting someone.

• People allegedly crossed onto the railroad property in the area of North Dakota Street and Tiedeman Avenue in order to dump garbage onto a neighboring property.

• A glass panel on a house under construction in the 8700 block of Schmidt Loop was broken.

• A utility box was graffitied in the 9400 block of 92nd Avenue.

• A customer at Yen's Chinese Restaurant, 12265 S.W. Main St., reportedly threatened to kill a waitress and warned her not to come outside because that was her "territory."

• A woman was said to be "very loud and strange" outside Eagle Bargain Outlet, 14365 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• Someone reportedly threw a brick through the window of a vehicle and then ran off in the 11400 block of Lomita Avenue.

Sunday, Aug. 6

• A customer did not leave Dotty's, 16200 S.W. Pacific Hwy., after being told they were trespassing.

Saturday, Aug. 5

• A man was seen wearing only boxer shorts in the 7500 block of Dartmouth Street.

• A tow dolly was stolen from Budget Truck Rental, 9800 S.W. Washington Square Road.

• A dog panted inside a vehicle with its windows rolled up outside Bed, Bath & Beyond, 16800 S.W. 72nd Ave.

• The back license plate of a vehicle was stolen in the 11400 block of 135th Avenue.

• A man allegedly was "scoping out" vehicles and trying door handles in the 10300 block of Greenburg Road.

• Someone thought he heard two shots fired in the 11700 block of 125th Court.

Friday, Aug. 4

• An intoxicated man reportedly danced around and pulled his shirt up in the 11400 block of 68th Parkway.

• Three people allegedly trespassed on the railroad trestle near North Dakota Street and Tiedeman Avenue as a train passed by.

• People were heard yelling inside a car parked on the grass at Commercial Park, 9160 S.W. Center St.

• American Eagle, 9767 S.W. Washington Square Road, was targeted by someone making "lewd" phone calls.

• Upon being asked to leave Walgreens, 13939 S.W. Pacific Hwy., a man allegedly threatened store employees.

• A man clad in boxer shorts in the area of 72nd Avenue and Pacific Highway allegedly pulled them down and exposed himself as cars drove past.

• Someone outside Plaid Pantry, 11705 S.W. Pacific Hwy., appeared to a witness to be "on something."

Thursday, Aug. 3

• A woman was heard asking for help and calling for the police in the 6500 block of Oak Street.

• People were seen "prowling" around Summerlake Park, 11450 S.W. Winterlake Dr., with their belongings.

• Items were stolen from outside Goodwill, 13920 S.W. Pacific Hwy., while the store was closed.

• A man was seen going through bushes in the 14300 block of Pacific Highway.

• Building materials and tools were stolen from contractors in the 15100 block of Danube Drive.

• Someone reported being harassed in the 16200 block of Pacific Highway. This has been an ongoing problem.

• Someone apparently kicked a car, denting it, in the 13100 block of Pacific Highway.

• A person in the 11400 block of 135th Avenue said they had been receiving threatening messages.

• Upon confronting a man for leaving his dog in his car outside Home Turf, 13500 S.W. Pacific Hwy., a man reported the animal's owner told him "don't worry about it."

• A man who may have been drunk or on drugs slept in the 7600 block of Dartmouth Street.

• A drunken man was seen surrounded by alcohol bottles at 7-Eleven, 10650 S.W. Dartmouth St.

Wednesday, Aug. 2

• A woman was seen going through garbage cans in the area of 87th Avenue and Locust Street.

• A man sat on the on-ramp from Greenburg Road to Highway 217.

• Statues in the 12000 block of Springwood Drive were destroyed and discarded in the street overnight.

• A vehicle that may have been left unlocked was unlawfully entered in the 10300 block of 72nd Avenue.

• Tenants of the Summercreek Apartments, 13456 S.W. Hawks Beard St., reported that at least one homeless person appeared to be living on the property.

• Someone said a man walked up to her car as she sat in it at Carl's Jr., 15520 S.W. Pacific Hwy., and tried to open the door and get her to exit the vehicle.

• A customer at Leif's Auto Body, 14344 S.W. 72nd Ave., reportedly was "aggressive" toward employees.

• A dog suspected of attacking someone the previous week ran loose in the area of Greenfield Drive and Beef Bend Road.

• A vehicle was reported to have been keyed in the 9500 block of Washington Square Road.

• A woman screamed and cursed at someone at Burger King, 11539 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• A resident of the 8300 block of Durham Road reported a "very suspicious" man was walking around the apartments and kept looking up at their windows.

Tuesday, Aug. 1

• Two men got into a fight that escalated into threats to burn down a house in the 13000 block of Howard Drive, a relative reported.

• A woman in the 12500 block of North Dakota Street said her ex-boyfriend stole her phone.

• A vehicle on Pacific Highway near Walnut Street was egged.

• Two teenagers hung out at North Dakota Street and Tiedeman Avenue watching trains pass by.

• A man was seen flicking his cigarette into the grass in the 13500 block of Hall Boulevard, upsetting a witness concerned about the fire risk.

• A man allegedly threatened people and talked about guns in the area of Pacific Highway and Walnut Place.

• A bicycle was stolen at Allied Health Services of Tigard, 10763 S.W. Greenburg Road.

• A person in the 8900 block of Center Street sought help in getting an unwanted visitor to leave.

• Someone said a man walked out into traffic and began hitting his car, damaging it, near the intersection of Gaarde Street and Pacific Highway.

• Upon leaving Tigardville Station, 12370 S.W. Main St., a man discovered that someone had thrown a large flowerpot through his car windshield.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following from Aug. 1 to Aug. 7: 741 calls for service, 19 traffic crashes and 14 arrests.

Sunday, Aug. 6

• The window of a vehicle in the parking lot of LA Fitness, 7405 S.W. Nyberg St., was broken.

Saturday, Aug. 5

• A Portland man was arrested for theft after allegedly stealing $256 in clothing items from Fred Meyer, 19200 S.W. Martinazzi Ave.

• A man said he was robbed by a man with a pocketknife in the area of 68th Avenue and Hopi Court. The same man had previously robbed him in June, he reported.

Friday, Aug. 4

• A Beaverton man was arrested for drunken driving, cocaine possession and giving false information to a police officer in the area of Tualatin-Sherwood and Cipole roads.

• The window of a vehicle in the 18400 block of Boones Ferry Road was shattered.

• A bicycle in the 7600 block of Nyberg Street was reported stolen.

• Someone stole an automobile in the 11700 block of Tualatin Road.

Thursday, Aug. 3

• A Tualatin man was arrested for physical harassment and an outstanding warrant in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue.

• A PlayStation gaming console was stolen in the 19600 block of 65th Avenue.

Wednesday, Aug. 2

• Cash and items collectively valued at $400 were stolen in the burglary of a residence in the 19500 block of Hopi Court.

• A pedestrian was injured in a hit-and-run crash at the intersection of Tualatin Road and 115th Avenue.

Tuesday, Aug. 1

• A vehicle in the 9400 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road was damaged.

• Someone unlawfully entered and "ransacked" a vehicle in the 17600 block of Shasta Trail.

• Two Tualatin men and one Portland man were cited as minors in possession of alcohol in the 9900 block of Avery Street after they were allegedly caught drinking beer in a parked vehicle.

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