The following incidents were reported by the Tigard and Tualatin police departments from Jan. 2 through Jan. 9.

Monday, Jan. 8

• Someone in the 10900 block of Hall Boulevard called to say they have noticed a lot of traffic in and out of the area in the last couple of weeks and are worried about vice or drug activity.

• A non-injury hit and run accident was reported at Roy Rogers Road and Scholls Ferry Road. An investigation and arrest was made by another agency.

• A customer at a business in the 7600 block of Dartmouth Street was reportedly trying to fight employees.

• Criminal mischief was reported in the 9700 block of Oaks Lane after someone spray-painted graffiti on a fence.

• Graffiti was also reported in front of Twality Middle School.

• Another incident of graffiti was reported in the 9900 block of Frewing Street.

• A customer reported her purse was stolen while she was at Costco.

• A resident called to report his surveillance camera recorded a woman stopping in his driveway and stealing two basket drawers from his front porch.

Sunday, Jan. 7

• Two suspects stole skateboards and a tent in the 11700 block of Pacific Highway.

• Graffiti was reported on a restroom building in the 10300 block of Canterbury Lane.

• Someone threw a metal disc at a woman's car, breaking the rear windshield.

• A motorist driving on Hall Boulevard near Pacific Highway called to complain that "every single vehicle drives 20 mph in the 40 mph zone" and that it's illegal to go that slow.

• A vehicle in the 14900 block of 103rd Avenue was spray-painted overnight. Victim thinks another car down the street was tagged as well.

• Graffiti was reported on signs next to the John Tigard House and in East Butte Heritage Park, located at 103rd Avenue and Canterbury Lane.

• A man in dark clothing was reported running all over the place "like he was on something" in the 10900 block of Highland Drive.

• Criminal mischief was reported in the 15000 block of 96th Avenue after four car windows were spray-painted.

• A man believed to be intoxicated tried to get into a resident's apartment before walking to his vehcie and leaving.

Saturday, Jan. 6

• A resident in the 13500 block of Ash Avenue called to report someone had stolen his shotgun and additional property, likely entering through a sliding glass door.

• A resident called to report her front license plate had been removed while she had her vehicle parked at Washington Square.

• A suspicious person was reported at Hillview Street and 100th Avenue coming from a neighbor's front yard and going across all of his neighbors' yards. Reporting party is unsure if the man is picking up garbage or what.

• A man was reportedly concealing items in a fitting room at Abercrombie & Fitch at Washington Square.

• A homeless man was reported going through people's trash cans in the 9100 block of Hill Street.

• Two men were reported sitting in front of a location in the 11800 block of Pacific Highway alledgely using syringes to shoot up. One of the man has a guitar, the reporting person told police.

• Three men were reported "shooting dope" near Pacific Highway and Highway 217.

• An Uber driver reported possible fraud involving a customer in the 12700 block of Willow Point Lane.

Friday, Jan. 5

• Someone called to report people listening to music with a loud bass in a park at 9852 74th Avenue. The reporting party asked that they be told to leave.

• An unknown woman, possibly intoxicated, knocked on the door of a resident in the 7600 block of Landau Street asking for a ride.

• A woman called to say her purse had been stolen from inside her vehicle while she was loading groceries up at WinCo.

• A man was reported walking around a parking lot in the 13900 block of Pacific Highway trying to open at least three different car doors.

• Someone called to report two homeless people in the 11600 block of Pacific Highway yelling at vehicles that pulled up to a driveway.

• Washington state troopers called to say they had located a trailer stolen from a business in the 15800 block of Upper Boones Ferry Road.

• A man was reported going through the dumpsters at the Starbucks on Pacific Highway. Later, an employee called to say another man was harassing coffee shop employees.

Thursday, Jan. 4

• An aggressive man was reported refusing to leave the 7-Eleven on Hall Boulevard. He was later seen urinating on the outside of the building.

• An incident of cyber bullying was reported in the 11400 block of Pacific Highway.

• A woman reported that a man approached her car in the parking lot of her work in the 9900 block of Greenburg Road and attempted to open the passenger-side door. The woman was able to get away, however.

• Someone was suspected of using fraudulent credit cards at a business in the 10000 block of Cascade Avenue.

Wednesday, Jan. 3

• Police received a call about someone selling drugs in the 11900 block of 91st Avenue.

• A hostile person angry because a business was unable to give him a refund was reported in the 9300 block of Greenburg Road.

• A business in the 9800 block of Tigard Street reported that someone broke into their business and tried to remove larger propane tanks. A battery was also removed from a vehicle.

• A laptop computer was stolen from a resident in the 11400 block of Winterlake Drive.

• A man reportedly stole red and white Champion brand shoes, exiting the business in the 9000 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A man was reported allegedly buying cigarettes for minors at a convenience store in the 15900 block of Hall Boulevard.

• Two people were arrested for outstanding warrants and were cited and released for being in possession of methamphetamine in the 12200 block of Main Street.

• A Samsung Galaxy smartphone was reported stolen from a Washington Square business.

Tuesday, Jan. 2

• A computer display was taken from a store at Washington Square.

• A resident in the 11500 block of 135th Avenue reported someone took her car keys.

• An injury accident involving a pedestrian was reported in the 7800 block of Durham Road.

• A backpack was reported stolen out of a city maintenance truck parked at Main and Scoffins streets.

• Three shots were reportedly fired into the window of a residence in the 9700 block of Cook Court.

• Someone called to report finding a pile of mail dumped on a dock that had Johnson Court addresses.

• Cash and gift cards were taken from someone at a business in the 11131 block of Greenburg Road.

• A resident in the 8000 block of Carol Ann Court called police to report someone had broken into her car and carved the words "nice job" on her dashboard.


Tuesday, Jan. 2

• The wheels of a resident's 2001 Saturn were stolen from a vehicle parked in the 10200 block of Spokane Court.

• A residence in the 22500 of 87th Place was burglarized with recreational, sports and photography equipment stolen along with clothes.

• Someone used an exterior key lock-box to steal a stereo faceplate from a customer's vehicle in the 7000 block of McEwan Road.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving after he crashed into another vehicle and injured the driver on Lower Boones Ferry Road and the northbound I-5 ramp.

Wednesday, Jan. 3

• Vandalism was reported in the 18800 block of Martinazzi Avenue after someone tore up a large portion of park grass by driving a car over it.

Thursday, Jan. 4

• A woman wanted on a fugitive warrant was arrested in the 17900 block of McEwan Road.

• A driver was arrested at the southbound I-5 ramp at Nyberg Street for intentionally trying to elude a police officer.

• A 27-year-old man was arrested at Marinazzi Avenue and Nyberg Street on two outstanding misdemeanor warrants as well as trespassing and interfering with a police officer.

Friday, Jan. 5

• A Tigard man was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants at Martinazzi Avenue and Mohawk Street. Police found packaging materials, scales and marijuana in his vehicle and he was also charged with delivery of marijuana.

• A man was arrested for indecent exposure in the 7000 block of Nyberg St.

• A man was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant of driving while suspended/driving while revoked as well as a fugitive warrant after being pulled over for a traffic stop on Lower Boones Ferry Road at 65th Avenue.

• A Portland man was arrested in the 9300 block of Sagert Street on numerous fugitive warrants.

Saturday, Jan. 6

• A Tualatin man was arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and for possession of a controlled substance – methamphetamine.

• A Tualatin woman was arrested in the 8300 block of Mohawk Street on fugitive warrants and possession of a controlled substance – methamphetamine.

• Two men, one in possession of methamphetamine, the other carrying a concealed weapon, were contacted in the 8600 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road. They were detained on probation violations.

• Two men were arrested in the 17600 block of Chippewa Trail on possessing heroin and methamphetamine. One of the men was also charged with interfering with a police officer.

• A woman was arrested at Cabela's on charges of stealing clothes. The same woman also filled out a Cabela's credit card using fictitious information.

• A man and woman were arrested for shoplifting clothes from Cabela's.

• Two bottles of alcohol were stolen from the Tualatin Liquor Store. After the store owner gave chase, the suspect dropped the bottles and continued running.

Sunday, Jan. 7

• A Tualatin woman reported her identity was used to open an account at a Home Depot store.

Monday, Jan. 8

• A 43-year-old transient was arrested on a probation violation detainer at Lower Boones Ferry Road and Bridgeport Road.

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