The following are incidents reported by Tigard and Tualatin police departments beginning the previous week.


Within the last week, Tigard police reported one burglary, five outstanding warrants served and one drug offense.

Monday, Jan. 15

• Someone grabbed a bottle of wine and took off from a business in the 13900 block of Pacific Highway.

• Two computer tablets were taken from a vehicle parked in the 11100 block of Greenburg Road.

• A man walked into a business in the 15900 block of Hall Boulevard and said he was eluding police.

• A theft was reported in the 14300 block of Pacific Highway after a subject concealed several items and left the store.

• A resident in the 11200 block of Cottonwood Lane reported his vehicle was ransacked and his debit card taken.

• Littering was reported in the 12700 block of Hall Boulevard after a dumpster was discovered filled with someone else's trash and drug paraphernalia.

Sunday, Jan. 14

• A man walked into a business in the 15900 block of Hall Boulevard and said he was eluding police.

n Someone called to report an intoxicated individual using a hammer and other tools to destroy an apartment in the 11800 block of Greenburg Road. The individual was detained after police confirmed he had an outstanding warrant out.

• A resident called to say a neighbor youth had used a pellet gun to fire four shots into his back window.

• A company hired by a property owner to remove transients and the property they leave behind reported that the transients were now setting up camp across the street from the same location.

• Someone crashed into a resident's fence and took out a city sign as well

Saturday, Jan. 13

• A resident in the 8600 block of Scoffins Street who went into his residence after starting his car returned to find it stolen.

• A business in the 7500 block of Tech Center Drive called to report that someone in an older model Nissan or Toyota was taking metal from a recycling facility.

• A person claiming to be a neighbor demanded to come inside a home in the 11500 block of Manzanita Street before leaving on a motorcycle.

• Criminal mischief was reported in the 11700 block of Pacific Highway after someone threw paint around a parking lot.

• A motion detector from a business in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway showed an individual inside who shouldn't have been there.

• An employee of a gas station in the 12800 block of Pacific Highway reported someone drove off without paying but added that it could have been accidental.

• Mail stolen from a mailbox in the 15033 block of 81st Avenue had a check inside that was discovered to have been cashed.

Friday, Jan. 12

• A customer at McDonald's was yelling at and threatening employees because they didn't get his order right.

• A resident in the 10600 block of Canterbury Lane reported his wallet stolen from his truck. However, the wallet reportedly had a tracking device inside.

• A bio management firm employee reported they were doing a clean-up of a 50-acre transient camp in the 9900 block of Tigard Street and that three individuals kept getting in the way.

• A suspected DUII driver was reported weaving for several miles on Highway 217 near Greenburg Road.

• Batteries were stolen from a truck parked in the 16500 block of 72nd Avenue over the weekend. Gas also was reported missing as well.

• A person who has been "trespassed" from a residence in the 13400 block of Hawks Beard Street was reported going through a dumpster.

Thursday, Jan. 11

• Criminal mischief was reported after a mailbox was broken into in the 9800 block of Landau Place.

• A resident reported someone made a threat to him on the internet.

• A recycling bin was taken from a residence in the 13100 block of Worchester Place.

• A resident in the 13300 block of Barnum Drive reported her fence and a PGE box were tagged overnight.

• A van parked in the 13300 block of Ash Street was spray-painted overnight.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

• A suspect took fragrances and possibly more from a business in the 10200 block of Washington Square Road.

• A man took three large items from a business in the 10000 block of Cascade Avenue.

• A man called to report he saw another man steal a bike from the front of Rite Aid.

• An individual was reported trying to steal two bikes by breaking a lock in front of 12200 block of Scholls Ferry Road.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

• A small car almost hit another car in the 15900 block of 72nd Avenue but swerved into a sign on a sidewalk instead.

• Two people reportedly went into Cost Plus at Washington Square Too and left in a blue Nissan with stolen items.

• A resident called to report unauthorized charges on her credit card.

• A burglary was reported at a residence in the 11500 block of 88th Avenue.

• A man who said he was from Africa was reported in the Costco parking lot saying he was collecting donations. He had a satchel that appeared to contain lots of money.

• A customer at a gas station in the 10700 block of Greenburg Road drove off while the hose nozzle was still inside the vehicle.

• A woman was reported throwing shoes and flashing customers at a business in the 11600 block of Pacific Highway.

• A window in a vehicle in the 9100 block of Montage Lane had been smashed in with the reporting party's backpack removed.


• The Tualatin Police Department received 480 calls for service, reported 12 traffic crashes and made 10 arrests from Jan. 9 through 15.

Sunday, Jan. 14

• The Tualatin Police Department received 480 calls for service, reported 12 traffic crashes and made 10 arrests from Jan. 9 through 15.

Sunday, Jan. 14

• Three men at a meal at Shari's and left without paying.

• A man was cited for third-degree theft at Cabela's.

Saturday, Jan. 13

• Police were asked to investigate an attempt by a Tualatin man to purchase a firearm even though he allegedly provided false information to them.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants after being pulled over at Nyberg Street and Martinazzi Avenue.

• Police responded to a report that someone threw a cup of coffee at a motorist's windshield at I-5 and Lower Boones Ferry Road before driving recklessly around town to avoid the victim.

• Two people were arrested at Cabela's for shoplifting $555 worth of items.

Friday, Jan. 12

• A man was arrested at Stars Cabaret for disorderly conduct and possession of a concealed weapon.

Thursday, Jan. 11

•A man and woman were arrested on a variety of shoplifting and drug- related charges (involving possession of heroin and methamphetamine) after being contacted at the Tualatin Fred Meyer.

• A burglary was reported at a business in the 16300 block of Upper Boones Ferry Road.

• A transient was arrested for eating a $12 hamburger at Shari's without paying for it and then going to a girlfriend's apartment where he had been "trespassed."

Tuesday, Jan. 9

• A man who had an outstanding fugitive warrant out for his arrest was taken into custody in the 19700 block of 65th Avenue.

• A woman reportedly used a stolen driver's license to return property to the Tualatin Fred Meyer.

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