Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden said President Trump spoke about his continued commitment to municipal infrastructure.

Lou Ogden

(This corrects an earlier version of this story.)

Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden was part of the group of mayors who heard President Donald Trump speak at the White House on Wednesday.

Ogden said the president spoke about his commitment to infrastructure, reiterating his objective to pursue $1 trillion in investments and, which would likely bump up to $1.75 trillion.

"(The president) talked about the jobs that were coming back to America and the immediate bonuses many companies were paying their employees, as in $1,000 for every employee from several companies as a result of the new tax bill," Ogden said via email. "He mentioned Apple's commitment to invest $350 billion in onshore manufacturing. He praised mayors as being the folks who actually get things done on the ground."

At the same time, in an event separate from the White House gathering, both Ogden and Tigard Mayor John Cook were attending the United States Conference of Mayors' 86th Winter Meeting, held Wednesday through Friday.

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