Here are police reports from Tigard and Tualatin police departments covering a week of police activity.

Over the last week, Tigard police responded to the following: DUII – 3; Theft – 7; Unlawful Possession of a Firearm – 2; Outstanding Warrant – 1; Drug Offense – 1 and Assault – 1

Monday, March 26

n A possible drug house was reported in the 10900 block of Hall Boulevard after a man kept walking from the house to the street numerous times.

n Someone grabbed a camera from a local business in the 7800 block of Dartmouth Street, ran out the door and into a van.

n A resident reported seeing a white dog limping near Tigard and Main streets and later reported it laid down next to the railroad tracks.

n Two men were reported fighting on the bridge at 13500 Hall Boulevard with one trying to push the other in front of traffic.

Sunday, March 25

n A prowler was reported carrying a flashlight in a backyard in the 15000 block of Greenfield Drive. However, on closer look, it was determine to be someone starting a barbecue.

n A man was reported going from door to door and trying to open doors in the 12400 block of Brookside Avenue

n Transients were reported camping out near garbage cans in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway.

n A resident called to report seeing someone break out a window of a car and take items from the vehicle located in the 7500 block of Dartmouth Street.

Saturday, March 24

n A case of receipt fraud was reported at the Tigard Walmart. A store employee called police when the individual returned.

n A resident reported someone trying to break into her house, banging loudly on her front door in the 11300 block of Eucalyptus Place.

n An employee at a restaurant at Washington Square reported money stolen from her purse.

n A resident called police to report a swarm of people outside his home playing Pokémon while the resident was trying to work on a vehicle. He confronted the players but they yelled at him and threatened him with bodily harm. The man reported there were about 25 vehicles parked in his neighborhood.

n A man in white shorts and black tights was reported acting strangely, dancing up and down along 116th Place and going into residents' driveways.

Thursday, March 22

n A resident reported that she thought a guest who was staying with her in December may have stolen jewelry.

n A suspicious person was reported in the 10800 block of Derry Dell Court. A man in his 20s knocked on a resident's door to ask if he could buy a knife to cut off his ankle monitor. The caller refused and the man was eventually caught and arrested by law enforcement.

n A woman reported her wallet had been stolen from her unlocked vehicle parked in the 15500 block of Pacific Highway.

Wednesday, March 21

n Someone reported finding a chicken roaming around outside the Tigard Public Library. Police reported someone corralled the animal until the owner was located. Police log concludes with: "Chicken did cross the road from Omara (Street) to get on library property."

n A 1997 Ford F150 pickup was initially believed to have been stolen from a parking lot in the 11500 block of Pacific Highway. However, the caller phoned police later to report he found the vehicle.

n A man at the dog park area on Winterlake Drive was reported kicking other people's dogs, claiming they had attacked him.

n A person driving behind a vehicle at Greenburg Road and North Dakota Street reported to police he tapped the back end of the vehicle in front of him with his vehicle after the forward vehicle slammed on his brakes. The driver of the first car then got out and told the other driver he was going to kill him and started to stab his window with a screw driver.

n An armed robbery was reported in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway when an employee was approached by a man when he took out the garbage. It was unknown what type of weapon the man had.

Tuesday, March 20

n A hit and run accident was reported at Pacific Highway and Gaarde Street.

n A witness reported seeing someone enter a building in the 12400 block of Main Street, taking the credit card machine and attempting to open the register before fleeing.

n A transient was reported having set up a tent and blocking an entrance in the 16200 block of Pacific Highway.

n A phony $100 bill was passed at a drive-through restaurant in the 12100 block of Scholls Ferry Road

n A possible burglary in progress was reported in the 12800 block of Ash Avenue involving what appeared to be teens opening an unlocked apartment door. Both were released to their parents.

n A car was reported having been egged in the 9300 block of Pacific Highway.

n A window was reported smashed on a company vehicle parked in the 11600 block of Pacific Highway.

Tualatin Police Department

Over the last week, Tualatin police responded to 422 calls for service, 18 traffic crashes and made five arrests.

Tuesday, March 20

n Someone reported an unknown suspect had stolen a propane tank from a rental vehicle parked in the 20100 block of 112th Avenue.

n The window of a vehicle parked in the 20000 block of Tillamook Court was reported smashed.

Wednesday, March 21

n A woman was arrested on Sweek Drive for violation of a release agreement.

n A resident called police to report her social security number was being used by someone else.

Thursday, March 22

n Someone reported a wallet stolen from the 12100 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road.

n Vandalism was reported after the front door of Stars Cabaret was kicked in by an unknown individual.

n A 22-year-old Tualatin man was arrested after leaving a device inside the Taco Bell restaurant resembling a destructive device. He was charged with a disorderly conduct-bomb threat and possession of a hoax destructive device.

Saturday, March 24

n A driver on Upper Boones Ferry Road and Boones Ferry Road swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle but hit a power pole instead.

Sunday, March 25

n A 20-year-old Tualatin man was arrested in the 17600 block of Chippewa Trail on a fugitive warrant for failure to appear on a heroin charge.

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