The 1985 grad spends half her year in Europe and has been involed in research with water and color.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - A 1985 graduate of Tigard High School, artist Keri Rosebraugh is an nationally recognized artist as well as being involved research involving water and color. She's shown here posing from a window in Europe.Keri Rosebraugh, an award-winning visual artist and teacher, was recently inducted into Tigard High School's Distinguished Alumni. The award is bestowed upon a former Tigard High School student who has made significant contributions to the greater good of the community, country or state.

"I am very honored to accept this award," Rosebraugh, a 1985 THS graduate who is currently residing in France, wrote in an email. "It was an unexpected surprise and an important reminder for us to stay true to ourselves in our endeavors — eventually with hard work they can pay off."

Rosebraugh's art practice stems from her interests in the connections between humans and our natural environment.

She has taught drawing, painting, and sculpture to kindergartners through eighth-graders, and college-level art classes at Portland's Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Rome Art Program.

She spends half her year living in Los Angeles and the other half in either France or Italy.

"My time in Europe has been spent teaching painting to college students in Rome, and more recently ... researching and promoting a dialogue on the theory that water has memory," she wrote in an email. "This artwork series has been taking place in Marnay Sur Seine, France, as well as currently in Bolsena, Italy." 

According to her blog, Rosebraugh exposed water from the River Seine to various colors and patterns she painted on a variety of objects found in Marnay Sur Seine, France.

"After fifteen days of exposure, the water crystals were examined to see if certain colors influenced the structures, negatively or positively," she wrote. "Five out of 20 samples of water resulted in specific changes related to their surroundings. None were negative or positive — instead, their molecular structures began to mimic the shapes of the found objects by which they were influenced."

Throughout her years as an artist, Rosebraugh's illustration clients have included the New York Times, Disney, Mattel, Coca-Cola, The History Channel, and The Los Angeles Times.

At the same time, Rosebraugh's artwork is in the permanent collection of the Florina Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece and was included in the Natural History/State Darwin Museum in Moscow as well as Paris' City Hall. Rosebraugh has had artist residencies in several countries, and she previously sailed on an old barquentine ship for three weeks around the Arctic Circle, creating artwork on climate change.

Her community service projects include collaborating on large-scale murals created entirely out of trash to promote maintaining clean beaches in Los Angeles, serving on the board of directors for the Eco-Logical Art Gallery of Los Angeles, and serving as President of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles for two years.

She said her art and music teachers in Tigard taught her that "you can fail at doing something you don't love, so why not take a chance at doing what you love" and that art is essential to the human spirit.

Her name now will be placed with others on the Distinguished Alumni Wall in the Tigard High Commons.

Those wishing to nominate a Tigard High graduate, living or deceased, who have "paid it forward" by making a significant contribution can do so at  

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