Despite some misgivings on jurisdiction issues, the plan could be adopted by the Tualatin City Council on July 23.

COURTESY CITY OF TUALATIN - Heres a look at how the Basalt Creek plan and jurisdictional lines will likely remain. Despite concerns by several Tualatin City Council members, the city is moving ahead with its concept plan for the Basalt Creek area of the city.

During a work session Monday night, Karen Perl Fox, a Tualatin senior planner, and Aquilla Hurd-Ravich, the city's community development director, briefed the council on how the city is moving forward with plans to develop a 42-acre site south of the Victoria Gardens subdivision, north of Basalt Creek Parkway and east of Grahams Ferry Road.

While Tualatin had wanted that area to be designated for residential development and Wilsonville had pushed for an industrial designation, Metro stepped in last month and sided with Wilsonville.

The area is part of a central subarea with numerous slopes and a rugged topography, a portion of 847 acres in what's known as the Basalt Creek Planning Area.

Hurd-Ravich said the planning department is on its third version of a concept plan draft.

"We're wrapping it up," she said. "We're close to completion. Among some of the issues the city has wrestled with throughout the concept plan are setting jurisdictional boundaries, addressing transportation plans, determining how utilities are set up and locating parks and open space.

During discussion Monday, Councilor Frank Bubenik asked if the Sherwood School District, which has all of its schools at capacity, is aware of the upcoming concept plan, where students from that area would attend Sherwood schools.

"Is this even on their radar?" asked Frank. "Do they know this is coming?"

Hurd-Ravich responded that it was her understanding it Sherwood officials had been briefed along the way.

Although Metro ultimately made the decision saying that the 42 developable acres in the subarea would be set aside for industrial use, several members of the Tualatin City Council expressed their concerns.

Councilor Joelle Davis said Monday she had concerns still about protection of the canyon portion of the project as well as construction of trails, pointing out she wants to make sure the city has the lead on placement of those trails.

"I don't want Wilsonville setting the course of where these trails will go," she said.

Councilor Paul Morrison made similar comments.

"I do not like this concept plan because I don't like to be dictated by another city," he said. "I am not pleased with the way this is going."

Morrison later said he has long been on record as wanting residential development in the subarea and opposes the concept plan because it doesn't allow "what is best for our community, and what is best for the area."

While the jurisdictional lines of Basalt Creek have long since been drawn, Councilor Jeff DeHaan posed the question of whether the city is OK with the current map of what Wilsonville gets and what Tualatin gets.

COURTESY CITY OF TUALATIN - Heres what the residential vs. industrial, commercial disparity looks like as part of the Basalt Creek Concept Plan.He noted that throughout history, "wars have been fought" over boundary lines.

During a PowerPoint presentation, Perl Fox told the council that the concept plan includes 194 developable acres for the City of Tualatin and 137 acres for Wilsonville in the Basalt Creek Planning Area.

Of those, Tualatin will end up with residential development consisting of 575 households while Wilsonville will have only 6 throughout the concept plan.

The daily trips expected to be generated in that area are 1,111 from the Tualatin side and 951 from Wilsonville. At the same time, Tualatin expects 1,929 jobs created from the project with Wilsonville seeing 2,524 jobs.

The concept plan is expected to be adopted at the council's July 23 meeting with annexation into the city beginning at the request of individual land-owners. Meanwhile, planners and city officials told council members that public input and citizen involvement would continue even after the concept plan is adopted.

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