The evening included appearances from Tualatin's police chief, officers, firefighters and McGruff the Crime Dog

TIMES PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Tualatin Police Officers Daniel Hernandez and Jorge Solache chat with Jeffwood Estates resident Daniel Payne. Payne has lived in the neighborhood since 1995.Residents of Tualatin's Jeffwood Estates were more than prepared for their annual National Night Out with a lavish potluck that included everything from donuts to food supplied by Chipotle.

The rest of the evening would include appearances from Tualatin Police Department officers, McGruff the Crime Dog and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue firefighters aboard an engine.

The annual event, which for the last several years has been co-organized by residents Eileen Burdick and Ashley Picerno, was expected to draw anywhere from 50 to 60 neighbors before the night ended.

TIMES PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Jeffwood Estates National Night Out co-organizers Ashley Picerno, left, and Eileen Burdick chat with a neighbor.In addition to potluck fare, the Sherwood Target donated bottled water, LEGO drawstring backpacks, free candy cups and popcorn along with several backpacks filled with school supplies slated to be raffled off later in the evening.

TIMES PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Employees from the Sherwood Target display some of items the store donated for the annual event.Among those who popped in to say hello to the Jeffwood Estates residents was Tualatin Police Chief Bill Steele, who was warm not only from the mid-90-degree temperatures and his black police uniform but also from playing in an impromptu game of street basketball. Steele had already been to four neighborhood events and had planned to hit a bunch more.

Steele said he thinks observing National Night Out is important.

TIMES PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Wyatt Picerno raced his scooter around his neighborhood in Jeffwood Estates during National Night Out Tuesday night. "This is a great opportunity for people to come out in their neighborhood and meet each other," he said. Before long, two other Tualatin police officers, Jorge Solache and Daniel Hernandez, showed up and chatted with kids and parents alike.

Burdick said she looks forward to yearly gathering and that her neighborhood is focused on staying safe, pointing out they have an active Neighborhood Watch program in effect. Burdick said before the evening was expected to end at 8:30 p.m., plans were to likely take a big group photo as in years past.

TIMES PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Neighbors all pitched in to donate to long tables of potluck fare during Tuesday nights observation of National Night Out.Pierno said she likes visiting with her neighbors as well, noting that they didn't have a similar event when she lived in her former home in East Portland.

Munching on some potato chips, Caden Burdick, 10, said he looks forward to National Night Out as well because it gives him a chance to see everybody in the neighborhood.

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