Tina McClendon opted to take the bulk sum payment, which came out to $2.89 million.

Tina McClendon of the King City/Tigard area claimed the $8.5 million prize earlier Friday. She won on a Quick Pick $1 ticket she purchased when she visited King City Liquor Store.Lottery

"I thought I would get a number or two," McClendon said. "Getting all the numbers is kinda cool!"

McClendon opted to take the bulk sum payment, and after taxes took home $2.89 million. When players opt to take the bulk sum payment, half of the prize is paid out, then the taxes are calculated.

The King City Liquor Store, which is one of the Lottery's inaugural retailers, has been one of the most successful retailers in the state, and has a legacy of jackpot wins.

"We had a $23 million Oregon's Game Megabucks winner back in the 1990s," said Sheri Daniels, the owner of the store. "It's very exciting to sell another winning ticket, my dad would have been proud."

King City Liquor Store, 15745 S.W. 11th Ave., King City, will receive a 1-percent selling bonus for selling the winning ticket. Daniels said she is going to re-invest the $85,000 back into the business her father created.

"We are going to take the bonus and put it back into the business, we are also going to be giving our employees a holiday surprise," Daniels said.

Two months ago, Daniels said, the store also sold a $50,000 Powerball ticket, and she thought she was lucky to have that sale.

"You never know when you are going to sell a jackpot ticket," she said. "The lady who won is a regular customer and I love the fact that a regular won. That means a lot to us."

During the 2015-17 biennium, more than $69.9 million in Oregon Lottery proceeds were directed to economic development, parks, education and watershed enhancement in Washington County, according to lottery officials.

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