Eighth-grader collected 7,255 pounds of food (the most ever) for those in need.

COURTESY OF KAREN JOHNSON - Over the holiday season, eighth-graders at Twality Middle School collected 7,255 of food, the most ever, for those in need. Students in Karen Johnson's English class at Twality Middle School helped lead a food drive that ended up collected 7,255 pounds of food (the most ever) for the needy.

Chad Clark, a teacher who led one of the two eighth grade teams, agreed to shave his beard if the students on his team collected 1,000 pounds of food. A student even gave him ornaments to decorate his beard before he shaved it.

Other incentives included another teacher who agreed to shave his goatee, a teacher who promised an academic-free day for her students and a teacher who agreed to allow a student to complete a makeover on her.

COURTESY OF KAREN JOHNSON - Chad Clark, an eighth-grade teacher at Twality Middle School, wears ornaments in a beard he plans on shaving after students went well over a goal of collecting 1,000 pounds of food during the holidays.The teachers are expected to pay up after winter break.

Johnson said she was both proud of the kids and their efforts.

Emily Dehn was the organizer of the event.

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