Topics include political dialog, concealed-carry permits, unemployment rate and 'Cover All Kids' legislation.

Perspective is vital in political dialog

Last week I had the opportunity to fill a spot in the Democratic booth at the Washington County Fair with another volunteer. We had a good day, with input from both sides, but one interaction stayed with me.

It was with a young man as a declared Donald Trump supporter. He considered himself one of those "good ole rednecks," but was a nice young man, "appreciating us being there and keeping the other side out there." As he was asked what issues had him supporting President Trump, he stated, "Immigration." He then proceeded to talk about one incident where an immigrant came across the border and raped a woman here.

Immediately, I thought of the simplicity of this and wanted to remind him of the statistics of rape in this country; men raping women who are not immigrants. Many of these are white men, carrying out these violent crimes in the military, colleges, workplace and in our households. They have U.S. citizenship and have been here through generations. Ironically, some of these victims are probably the very immigrants accused of such crimes.

I feel it a good reminder for Democrats to keep the numbers, data and our own examples and stories out there as pushback to the violence that happens here every day. Immigrants rarely want to commit crimes, as they do not want to end up in the system and do not want to lose what they have gained. This does not mean it never happens, but the statistics clearly support more internal violence than external. A surprising unknown fact: some of the lowest rape cases by country, are from some of the very countries we are banning from entry.

I have recently had other discussions with the other side and had similar feedback regarding guns and other issues. One incident is not worth walls, negative legislation and disrespect toward people of other countries. As an Irish descedant, I have seen history treat immigrants poorly, but ultimately allowed entrance, given a chance to prove their worth and place in this land. They have helped with our infrastructure, agriculture, construction and even the defense of this country in various wars.

If Trump loves the uneducated, maybe the Democrats should be the educators with our own data and instances, whether it be this issue or the vast others in question!

Shannon Olsen


'Concealed carry' idea would make us less safe

As a survivor of gun violence that occurred in Oregon, I am deeply concerned about the misleading messaging being put forth about Concealed Carry Reciprocity. This policy, which many believe will create a national standard for who can carry guns in public, will actually make Oregonians less safe by forcing us to lower our standards to match those of states with much more lenient laws. This means that violent criminals, convicted stalkers and domestic abusers would be allowed to carry hidden, loaded guns legally.

Today, 88 percent of Americans support requiring safety training and a clean criminal record in order to carry a concealed handgun in public. Oregon law currently requires the passage of a criminal background check plus the completion of a gun safety course to apply for a concealed carry permit. If this bill passes, these requirements would be abandoned in our state.

The quadruple homicide that occurred within my own family happened as a result of domestic violence in a time before the current gun laws existed. If they had been in place, my sister in law and three nieces (who were 6, 4 and 5 months at the time of the shooting) might still be alive.

I strongly implore all Oregonians to become educated about this dangerous and chaotic policy and to encourage our state representatives to resist the passing of this legislation. For those who want to add their voices to a group of passionate people working to eliminate gun violence, Moms Demand Action is an unbelievable force.

Doreen Dodgen-Magee


'Unemployment' term in headline misleading

On Page A1 of the Aug. 3 Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood Times, one headline reads: "June Snapshot: Tigard leads the way in unemployment."

This headline leads one to believe that Tigard has more unemployment than surrounding areas.

The following article goes on to point out that Tigard and Hillsboro share the county's lowest unemployment rate.

Since many people only read the headline — not the whole article — it seems that this is either:

1. Sloppy journalism

2. A deliberate attempt to mislead readers as to what is really going on in the economy

3. Fake news or...?

Sally Crino


'Cover All Kids' spending during deficit is unwise

Previous headlines have been about the $1.4 billion State of Oregon budget deficit. And how the Oregon Legislature will need to raise taxes to cover it. And yet anticipated revenues will be $1 billion more than the previous two-year budget.

So Dana Haynes and Pamplin Media, your headlines were congratulatory to the Oregon Legislature on how they were giving $36 million out of the Oregon General Fund to undocumented children ("Oregon now covers health care for undocumented kids," Page A1, Aug. 3).

What Oregon State departments are going to have $36 million less to spend on their budgets?

My father-in-law was visiting Mexico a number of years ago at his time share and he was walking at night and fell down an embankment when car lights blinded him. He was taken to a nearby medical clinic. They looked at his passport and asked for his visa card. They told him that he would not receive medical care for his dislocated thumb if he did not pay up front. He asked for pain medicine, but was told that they reserved that for local residents.

On Netflix: Canada dutifully checks people entering their country and if they cannot afford to legally stay there on either a work visa or for a vacation, they are sent back to the country where they flew in from, drove in from, etc. Is Canada heartless?

If you think that not giving General Fund dollars to undocumented people is heartless, then why not just go ahead and empty the General Fund every year and send it oversees to other needy countries?

Why spend it on the Oregon state government? On Oregon programs and departments?

Again, my question? What Oregon department(s) will now be off by $36 million in their budget? Schools? Human Services? Probably not ODOT.

Gary Blodgett


(Editor's Note: Senate Bill 558 increased the General Fund by $36 million; funding for the Cover All Kids law did not come out of existing bureau budgets.)

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