Topics include Measure 101 - Tuesday is the voting deadline - and family medical leave.opin

Backers of Measure 10 have right perspective

I find it quite amazing. Most of the hospitals and caregivers in Oregon support Ballot Measure 101.

These are people we trust with our lives on a daily basis. These are organization that have taken the hippocratic oath to do no harm.

And yet Rep. Julie Parrish and Lindsay Bertschauer claim to know more than all the hospitals and care organizations.

They seem to claim they have our best health care interests at heart. This is rather preposterous.

Ignore these nattering nabobs of negativism. Vote "yes" on Ballot Measure 101 this week.

Gerritt Rosenthal


Support paid family, medical leave bill

My name is Jessica Rosengreen and I live in Beaverton. I'm writing today to urge you to support the FAMLI Act (House Bill 3087), which would create a paid family and medical leave insurance program for all of Oregon.

I'm a strong supporter of paid family and medical leave because. as an early educator, I know the importance of parents having time to welcome their new child.

It's time for Oregon to create this long overdue support for working families who are struggling to care for their families while also making ends meet. I hope you'll look into this bill and lend your support to making sure it passes this year.

Jessica Rosengreen


Measure 101's passage would help everyone

I am a huge supporter of Ballot Measure 101 for one simple reason: it protects access to health care for my friends, family and neighbors.

Measure 101 is important because it makes sure that every Oregonian, regardless of wealth, has access to health care. Access to health care is essential for every person and especially those who are most vulnerable, like the elderly and over 400,000 children who will be protected by this measure.

Please vote "yes" on Measure 101 with me to make sure that those who depend on Medicaid for access to health care will continue to have access to the care they need, and to make sure that insurance premiums don't go up for the rest of us. Voting "yes" on Measure 101 helps everyone in the state, so I hope you will join me in voting "yes" and turning in your ballot before Tuesday, Jan. 23!

Jeruebe Phillips


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